Kindle Paperwhite Available in 4 Colors in China

Kindle Paperwhite Colors

Last month Amazon started selling a Twilight Blue version of the latest Kindle Paperwhite to go along with the black version that was released last fall.

Releasing a new color eight months after the Paperwhite was first released is kind of strange, but what’s even weirder is Amazon sells four different colors of the Kindle Paperwhite in China.

It seems a bit odd to offer more color choices in China where Kindles aren’t even very popular, while offering just two colors in the Kindle’s home market and most other markets.

In some countries Amazon still only sells the black version of the Kindle Paperwhite.

The bigger markets seem to have both black and blue versions available; China is currently the only one with four color choices.

It’s weird how the color choice varies for each market. I wonder if they’ll eventually start offering all four color choices in more countries as the year goes on.

Like the twilight blue color, the additional color choices in China are a bit unusual as well. There’s sort of a dark pink or plum color, which Google translate describes as smoke purple, and there’s an odd faded green color. With these colors black is clearly going to be the most common choice. 😀

9 Responses to “Kindle Paperwhite Available in 4 Colors in China”

  1. Two things.

    1. Kindle are made in China, maybe proximity makes it an easy test market.

    2. I think these are the same color options on the new Fire 7 tablet. Personally I like the soft colors.

  2. Why do colors even matter? Nearly every person puts them in a case.

    • I don’t think covers are as ubiquitous as they once were. I don’t use covers anymore for most of my devices and nothing bad has happened yet, just some minor scratching on the back now and then. Sleeves and travel cases are nice when needed but when reading I’d rather not have the extra weight and bulk the cover adds, the same when sticking it in a pocket.

      • I agree, I use sleeve when traveling. Everyone should look into strap that hooks easily onto reader and makes it so easy to hold with one hand and turn pages easily with thumb. No extra weight involved.

        • I guess since I throw mine into a large purse with lots of stuff to knock it around a cover will always remain a necessity.

  3. Can I buy Kindle in China and still have the option for English language and not the Chinese one? I’m worried that maybe I won’t understand anything it says. 😀

  4. I am considering buying a Kindle Whitepaper, and have this concern. Can I download ebooks from Amazon US via wifi while I am in China, or do I need a VPN to do so?

    • Good question. Having never been to China, I’m not sure how that works exactly. I would assume you’d be able to download from Amazon US if that’s how the Kindle is setup but I’d suggest contacting Amazon support for a definitive answer.