Baen’s Full Catalog of eBooks Coming to Public Libraries via OverDrive

Baens Books OverDrive

As a fan of science fiction and fantasy books, this news story over at MobileRead caught my attention about how Baen’s ebooks are now available through OverDrive.

As the first post notes, Toni Weisskopf, publisher of Baen Books, recently posted this on Baen’s Bar:

“…just concluded a deal with Overdrive, a primary provider of ebooks to libraries, so our entire catalog will be available easily to libraries.”

This is something they’ve been trying to make happen for a few years now so it’s good to finally see the deal go through.

Here’s the full list of Baen Books that are available to public libraries through OverDrive.

Currently less than half of them are available in Kindle format; that’s not a good sign. Hopefully that number increases.

Keep in mind that libraries have to purchase the ebooks in order to lend them out so it will take some time for individual libraries to start offering them to customers. My library still doesn’t have any Baen books available yet, but they’re probably get some in soon.

The Baen Free Library has been around for ages and you can still download free ebooks from there too without any wait lists or returns. That was a brilliant idea because those freebies are how a lot of people got started reading Baen’s ebooks.

Baen eBooks on OverDrive

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