Kobo Clara HD On Sale for $99 Until Christmas

Kobo Clara HD Review

Kobo has put the 6-inch Kobo Clara HD on sale again for $99, the same sale they had over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

It’s available from the usual places, including Kobo.com, Walmart, and Amazon, although on Amazon it says that it won’t be in stock until the 20th of December.

On Kobo’s website is states the deal is valid from today through December 24th.

The Kobo Clara HD is one of the best 6-inch ebook readers on the market, especially for under $100.

It has a 300 ppi E Ink screen, and unlike the Kindle Paperwhite, it has an advanced lighting system that allows you to adjust the color temperature of the frontlight from warm to cool.

Another plus for the Clara HD is the built-in support for borrowing ebooks from public libraries.

It’s not waterproof and it doesn’t support audio like the Kindle Paperwhite, but Kobo’s software is more open and it offers more customizing options, and the warm frontlight is a big deal for some folks.

As noted last week, there are a couple of other ongoing Kobo deals as well. The 8-inch Kobo Forma is still marked down to $235 at Amazon. And $50 Kobo ebook gift cards are still on sale for $40 at Walmart.

One Response to “Kobo Clara HD On Sale for $99 Until Christmas”

  1. That is a good deal but I already had the Nook Glowlight 3 which is similar in hardware respects. I just recently bought the Kobo Libra for 70 dollars more and I don’t regret it as I think it hits the sweet spot between premium and low-end.