Kindle Trade-in Credit Now Takes 20% off New Kindles

Kindle Trade in Deal

Amazon has had a Kindle trade-in program for several years now that allows customers to get a discount when trading an old Kindle for a new one, which is something that sets Amazon apart from everyone else—no other companies offer a trade-in discount when buying a new ebook reader.

It’s nice to be able to get a discount with the Kindle trade-in deal, but unfortunately Amazon just lowered the trade-in credit when trading an old Kindle for a new one.

For the past couple of years the trade-in credit has taken 25% off a new Kindle, but now it’s down to 20% off.

The trade-in prices for each Kindle model still appear to be the same as they were back in November when I made this list of Kindle trade-in values, so at least they haven’t gone down too.

The value is so low on some models that they aren’t worth trading in on their own, but the 20% off bonus credit makes it worthwhile if you want a discount on a new Kindle.

You can also apply the value of your trade-in toward the purchase of a new Kindle.

They will even take Kindles that are broken and no longer work, and they’ll still give you the 20% off discount and $5 for the broken Kindle. It’s a shame the credit has gone down by 5% but it’s still better than nothing.

Kindle Trade-in Deal

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  1. I have a Kindle that no longer works, and would like to trade it in. I think it is a model from 2010.