Amazon Kindle Trade-in Values Going Down, But 25% off Bonus Deal Still Active

Kindle Trade Deal

For the past year and a half Amazon has an ongoing Kindle trade-in promotion that takes 25% off the price of a new Kindle when trading in an old Kindle.

It’s a great way to save on a new Kindle while getting rid of an older Kindle that you don’t use/need anymore.

Even if your old Kindle is broken and no longer works, Amazon will still give you $5 for it plus 25% off on a new Kindle.

However, Kindle trade-in values have started declining.

Compared to this list of Kindle Trade-in values from 2017, the trade-in values have gone down across the board, but back then the trade-in bonus only amounted to $20 so it wasn’t as good as getting 25% off except with the cheapest model.

The trade-in values for the older non-touchscreen Kindles have gone down by $5—the oldest models are only worth $5 even if they work. The Kindle Paperwhite 1-3 values have gone down by $10. The Kindle Voyage has gone down by $15 and the Kindle Oasis has decreased in value as well. It’s curious how the current Kindle Paperwhite is only worth $5 more than the 1st Kindle Paperwhite.

Below is the list of current Kindle trade-in values for Kindles that are still in good working order and don’t have a damaged screen. If your Kindle has a cracked screen or if it doesn’t work then it’s only worth $5.

Amazon also has a 20% off trade-in deal for Fire tablets.

Kindle Trade-in Values – Nov 2019

Kindle 1 – $5

Kindle 2 – $5

Kindle DX – $5

Kindle Keyboard (3rd Gen) – $5

Kindle Touch (4th Gen) – $5

Kindle (4th Gen) – $15

Kindle (5th Gen) – $15

Kindle (7th Gen) – $15

Kindle (8th Gen) – $15

Kindle Paperwhite (1-3) – $25

Kindle Paperwhite 4 – $30

Kindle Voyage (7th Gen) – $50

Kindle Oasis (8th Gen) – $60

Kindle Oasis (9th Gen) – $75

2019 Kindle – $20

3 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Trade-in Values Going Down, But 25% off Bonus Deal Still Active”

  1. I checked out two kindle fires I own and in perfect working condition with a batter that holds a charge, they are worth $10 in trade-in.


  2. I traded in 2 working Kindles. Amazon did not give me my full credit for my trade in. They said my Kindles were not working when they worked fine when I sent them in. I sent in 2 Kindles in kids cases and they said I sent in 2 black Kindles without cases. I definitely would not participate in their trade in program.

    • Well part of the problem is kids Kindles aren’t included on the list of trade-ins accepted so I don’t know why you’d expect to get credit for the covers when covers aren’t part of trade-ins at all. Which model did you choose to initiate the trade? If it was the wrong one they probably dropped the value down to the equivalent model…