Apparently the Kindle Oasis is Now a Toothbrush

Kindle Oasis Toothbrush

This is a stupid thing to post an article about, but seeing the Kindle Oasis listed with a picture of a toothbrush is worth a laugh.

Somehow a picture of electric toothbrush replacement heads got mixed in with the pictures for the Kindle Oasis over at Amazon.

It’s on the page for the International Version of the Kindle Oasis that Amazon sells abroad.

If you run a search for “Kindle Oasis” a picture of toothbrush replacement heads is one of the top results.

Of all the the pictures posted on the Kindle Oasis page, it’s funny how the system chooses the toothbrush picture to list in search results. Even the auto-generated Amazon ad at the bottom of this post sometimes shows the toothbrush picture.

It’s not unusual to see the wrong pictures listed on the occasional page at Amazon, but it usually doesn’t happen with Amazon’s own products, especially when Amazon is the only seller.

I had no idea the Kindle Oasis also doubled as a toothbrush. Does it come with a tube of toothpaste as well? For $269 they probably should throw in some bonus items.

8 Responses to “Apparently the Kindle Oasis is Now a Toothbrush”

  1. Thanks for this post. Amazon should sell their ebooks & Kindle business to someone who cares.

    • Like Barnes & Nobel or Kobo?

      Come on. There’s a reason they’re at the top.

      • Your faith in the wisdom of the consumer is considerably greater than mine.

        • You don’t have to be wise to buy ebooks from a company that advertises them or buy a device you can actually go see in person. Amazon is at the top in America because B&N and Kobo act like they don’t even care. There is exactly one Kobo Aura Walmart edition (the worse model they make) in display in my city of nearly a million people. One of the two BN locations in town doesn’t even have the Glowlight Plus or 10″ Nook tablet on display. Meanwhile, if you want to go see the Amazon devices ALL OF THEM are on display at one of 3 Best Buy locations and two Khols locations.

          So, given the efforts each company makes, who really looks like they care?

  2. Speaking of Kindle do you think a new one will be released this year? If so what can we expect?

    • I could see them releasing a Paperwhite with warm light later this year. That’s about the only thing I can see happening. I still wish they’d release a 10.3″ model but it doesn’t look like that’s ever going to happen.

  3. Nathan, A bit off topic but since this post is a bit light anyway I’d figure I ask here: Is there a way to change epub metadata online? I don’t know if Caliber can do something like it or not but I’m not really interested in downloading software for it. (I have a program from Github but I’m not enthusiastic about installing it since it requires other downloads of uncertain provenance. So anything online to change epub metadata? Thanks