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Kindle Voyage Refurbs

Refurbished Kindle Oasis 2 Available for $209, Kindle Voyage $129

If you like the new 7-inch Kindle Oasis 2 but you don’t like the high price, Amazon has started selling certified refurbished units at a discount. The refurbished Kindle Oasis 2 starts at $209 for the 8GB WiFi model with Special Offers. They also have the 32GB model for $239 and the version with free […]

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Kindle Oasis Design

Do You Like the Kindle Oasis’s Unusual Design?

It seems that people either love or hate the unique design of Amazon’s Kindle Oasis. Both generations have the same kind of back where one side is thicker than the other, and the front has an offset look with a larger area for the page buttons on one side of the screen. I’ve heard some […]

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Kindle Oasis

How Much Do Frontlights Drain Your eReader’s Battery?

There have been quite a few complaints about battery life on the new Kindle Oasis 2 not being as good as the Kindle Paperwhite and other ereaders. To me it doesn’t seem like a big difference, but then again I almost never have the frontlight set higher than 12 on the brightness meter, which is […]

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Ayotu Kindle Oasis Cover

New Ayotu Covers for Kindle Oasis 2 are Like Amazon’s Covers

While we’re on the topic of covers and cases for the Kindle Oasis 2 this past week, some have mentioned the new Ayotu covers that fit the unique design of the Kindle Oasis. The Ayotu cases are similar to Amazon’s original covers, except they lack the diagonal crease across the center that allows the cover […]

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Kindle Oasis Color Comparison

Kindle Oasis Color Comparison, Champagne Gold vs Graphite Gray

Amazon released a champagne gold version of the Kindle Oasis 2 a couple of days ago on March 22nd. It’s hard to judge the color from the few photoshopped images at Amazon, so I wanted to see it in person and compare it with the graphite gray version that was released initially. Aside from the […]

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Casebot Kindle Oasis Case

Kindle Oasis 2 CaseBot Case Review, Plus Amazon Cover Comparison (Video)

I decided to get one of the CaseBot fabric cases for the Kindle Oasis 2 to see how it compares to Amazon’s fabric cover that originally sold with the Kindle Oasis when it first came out, which I reviewed a few months back. Both covers are similar in texture and feel, but the CaseBot case […]

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Kindle Oasis 2 Cover

Amazon Bringing Back Kindle Oasis Covers Soon

It looks like Amazon is finally getting set to re-release their official covers for the Kindle Oasis 2 in the next month or two. I happened to stumbled across new listings at Amazon showing both the leather and fabric covers for sale. Currently the pages are placeholders that say “Staging Product – Not for Retail […]

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Kindle Oasis 2 Audiobooks

Do You Like New Audible Features on Kindles for Audiobooks?

With the release of the Kindle Oasis 2, Amazon brought back support for Audible audiobooks on certain Kindle models. Kindles used to support audiobooks and MP3 files several generations ago, but with the release of the 1st Kindle Paperwhite in 2012, Amazon opted to drop audio support on Kindles altogether. Now Audible support is back […]

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