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Kindle Oasis 3 vs Kindle Voyage

Kindle Oasis 3 vs Kindle Voyage Comparison (Video)

Released in 2014, the Kindle Voyage was Amazon’s first “premium” Kindle, with more features and a higher-end feel than the less expensive Kindle Paperwhite that sold along side it. The Kindle Voyage has since been replaced by the Kindle Oasis as Amazon’s premium model. Amazon has released three different versions of the Kindle Oasis since […]

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Kindle Needs USB-C

The Next Kindle Better Have USB-C to Avoid a Revolt

It’s amazing how many complaints there have been lately about Kindles and other ebook readers not having USB-C ports, especially the new Kindle Oasis. In fact, the top review for the new Oasis at Amazon is a 1-star review with the sole complaint that the new Kindle lacks USB-C and how that’s completely unacceptable and […]

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Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis 3 Review and Video Walkthrough

Review Date: August 2019 – Review unit purchased from Amazon Overview The 3rd generation Kindle Oasis was released on July 24th, 2019. Amazon refers to it as a 10th generation Kindle, along with the Kindle Paperwhite 4 and the latest basic Kindle for 2019. The new Kindle Oasis looks exactly the same as the previous […]

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Kindle Oasis 3 vs Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Oasis 3 vs Kindle Paperwhite 4 Comparison Review (Video)

Here’s a comparison review between the new Kindle Oasis for 2019 and the latest Kindle Paperwhite 4 that was released in late 2018. Now that Amazon has added a warm frontlight feature to the Kindle Oasis, more people are likely to consider it over the Paperwhite than ever before. The Oasis has better build quality […]

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Kindle Oasis Leather Covers

New Kindle Oasis Cover Incompatibility Issue

It looks like Amazon has changed the new Kindle Oasis just enough to cause an issue with some covers not working properly. There are two separate aspects in regards to the Kindle Oasis cover incompatibility issue. First off, Amazon removed the magnets on the back contoured edge of the new Kindle Oasis, so if you […]

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Kindle Oasis Wireless

Does the New Kindle Oasis Have a Better Screen?

When Amazon first announced the new Kindle Oasis for 2019, they dropped a few subtle hints in the press release about it having an upgraded E Ink screen. According to reports, the new screen technology was supposed to improve the E Ink refresh rate for faster page turns and quicker loading of menus and such. […]

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Kindle Oasis Warm Light

Here’s What the Warm Frontlight Looks Like on New Kindle Oasis (Video)

When Kobo released the Kobo Aura One back in 2016, it was the first ebook reader to have a frontlight with adjustable color temperature. There were apps to filter out blue light on LCD screens, but it was the first E Ink ebook reader to offer a color-shifting feature using a frontlight. Since then just […]

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New Kindle Oasis Software Update; Old Kindle Oasis on Sale Again

The latest new Kindle Oasis with adjustable frontlight color officially gets released tomorrow, and Amazon has already released a software update for it. The update adds a “Warmth Schedule” to set the frontlight to automatically shift between cool white and warm amber as the day goes on, and the changelog also mentions the new Read […]

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