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Cybook Muse HD

Bookeen Releases Two New Cybook Muse eReaders

Bookeen, a small ebook reader company based in France, announced the release of two new 6-inch Cybook Muse ereaders yesterday. First up is the Cybook Muse Light. It’s basically the same as Bookeen’s entry-level model but with an added frontlight. Unfortunately it only has an 800 x 600 resolution screen, so contrast isn’t going to […]

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Cybook Ocean

New Cybook Muse and Cybook Ocean Get Released in November

Bookeen, a French ebook reader company that has been making ereaders since 2003, announced a new lineup of devices for 2014 last week, with pre-orders starting in early November and shipments proceeding in mid-to-late November. The new devices include a 6-inch Cybook Muse, available with and without a frontlight, and the better-late-than-never Cybook Ocean, an […]

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