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Nook Closing

Nook Store Closing in UK, B&N Sending eBook Accounts to Sainsbury’s

It’s happening again. Another ebook store is closing and customer accounts are getting sent over to a different company. No one is going to be surprised when they hear that Barnes and Noble has decided to close the UK branch of the Nook store. That is what’s happening on March 15th, 2016. The Nook Team […]

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Nook UK

Barnes and Noble Finally Sending Nook Across the Pond to the UK

Barnes and Noble announced this morning that Nook devices, Nook reading apps, and Nook content, including ebooks, digital newspapers, magazines, comics, and even Nook Android apps, are headed to the United Kingdom this fall. The first products to reach UK shores in mid-October will be Barnes and Noble’s E Ink ereaders, the Nook Touch and […]

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