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Onyx Boox Note

10.3″ Onyx Boox Note Marked Down to $399

Onyx is currently selling the original Onyx Boox Note for $399 from Amazon. That’s a good price considering this model sold for $549 last year when it was first released. It makes the price of the Note Pro seem excessive. For $200 more all you get is a frontlight, a flush glass screen, and double […]

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Onyx Note Pro

Using Bluetooth Keyboards with Onyx Boox eReaders

A number of people have asked about using Bluetooth keyboards on the Onyx Boox Note Pro and the Onyx Boox Nova so I wanted to put together a quick review about it. The same applies to Onyx’s other devices running the Android 6.0 software, like the Max2. I’ve been using the on-screen Onyx keyboard ever […]

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Onyx Max 2

Deal Alert: Onyx Boox Max2 $100 off; Likebook Mimas $20 off

A couple of large-screen ebook readers and digital notepads have turned up on sale today. The 13.3-inch Onyx Boox Max2 is marked down to $649. That’s $100 off the regular price. The Max is Onyx’s largest model. Unlike Onyx’s other ereaders, the Max has an HDMI port so you can use the device as an […]

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Onyx Boox Note Pro

Onyx Boox 2.1.2 Update Released for Note Pro and Nova Pro

Onyx has released a new software update for the Onyx Boox Note Pro and Nova Pro. Other models will get added to the list soon. Update: It’s now available for the Max2 Pro as well. The new firmware version is 2.1.2. It adds a few new features, like the ability to convert speech to text, […]

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Note Pro

Onyx Boox eReaders Can Use Speech Recognition to Input Text

Onyx has posted an article on their website that describes four different ways to input text on Boox ereaders. Two of the options are no surprise—using a Bluetooth keyboard and the new handwriting recognition feature that converts your handwritten notes to typed text—but the other two options I was unaware of—using a Bluetooth OCR scanner […]

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Onyx Note Conversion

Onyx Note Converting Handwritten Notes to Typed Text (Video)

One of the new features that Onyx added to the software on their ereaders is the ability to convert handwritten notes to typed text. I showed the feature briefly in the Note Pro and Nova Pro reviews, but I wanted to put together another review to show how the handwriting recognition feature works in more […]

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Onyx Boox Max2 Pro

13.3″ Onyx Boox Max2 Pro Now Available in Black

Onyx has started selling a new black version of the Onyx Boox Max2 Pro from their Amazon store. Aside from the color change, it appears to be exactly the same as the original white Max2 Pro. Why they decided to create a full new listing for a simple color change is anyone’s guess, especially when […]

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Note Pro vs Likebook Mimas

Onyx Boox Note Pro vs Likebook Mimas Comparison Review (Video)

Here’s a comparison review between the Likebook Mimas and the Onyx Note Pro. On the surface they are two very similar devices. Both have 10.3″ E Ink screens with adjustable frontlight color. Both run Android 6.0 and can install Android apps. Both have Wacom touchscreens for writing and drawing on the screen and annotating PDFs. […]

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