Kobo Aura 2 and 1st Gen Kobo H2O on Sale

Kobo Deal

Kobo has a couple of ongoing deals for the Kobo Aura Edition 2 and the 1st gen Kobo Aura H2O.

The Kobo Aura 2 is on sale for $99. It normally sells for $119 but often goes on sale for $99, like the Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kobo Aura (review) is Kobo’s latest 6-inch ereader, their only remaining 6-inch model. It has a frontlight and a 212ppi E Ink screen.

They’ve also got a deal on the 1st gen Kobo Aura H2O.

It sells for $159 ($20 less than the newer model) and it comes with a free sleepcover, which normally sells for $39.

With a 6.8-inch 265ppi E Ink screen, the 1st gen H2O (review) is largely the same as the second gen model, but it’s a bit heavier and it doesn’t have the adjustable frontlight color, although it does have the advantage of a memory card slot.

Kobo also has a (hidden) listing for the older Kobo Aura HD for $89. That’s not a bad price for a 6.8-inch ereader but it’s several years old at this point.

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  1. With Kobo ending support for PDF my interest for them has dropped to zero.

    • Kobo isn’t ending support for PDFs on their ereaders, they’re just going to stop offering PDF as a format to download from their website. They’re switching them to ePub instead. Kobo sells very few PDFs anyway, probably less than 1% of their catalog. It’s not a good sign that they’ll continue to develop the PDF software on their ereaders but then again they haven’t done that for 5 years, and KOReader makes it rather irrelevant.

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