Kobo Aura 2 and 1st Gen Kobo H2O on Sale

Kobo Deal

Kobo has a couple of ongoing deals for the Kobo Aura Edition 2 and the 1st gen Kobo Aura H2O.

The Kobo Aura 2 is on sale for $99. It normally sells for $119 but often goes on sale for $99, like the Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kobo Aura (review) is Kobo’s latest 6-inch ereader, their only remaining 6-inch model. It has a frontlight and a 212ppi E Ink screen.

They’ve also got a deal on the 1st gen Kobo Aura H2O.

It sells for $159 ($20 less than the newer model) and it comes with a free sleepcover, which normally sells for $39.

With a 6.8-inch 265ppi E Ink screen, the 1st gen H2O (review) is largely the same as the second gen model, but it’s a bit heavier and it doesn’t have the adjustable frontlight color, although it does have the advantage of a memory card slot.

Kobo also has a (hidden) listing for the older Kobo Aura HD for $89. That’s not a bad price for a 6.8-inch ereader but it’s several years old at this point.

7 Responses to “Kobo Aura 2 and 1st Gen Kobo H2O on Sale”

  1. With Kobo ending support for PDF my interest for them has dropped to zero.

    • Kobo isn’t ending support for PDFs on their ereaders, they’re just going to stop offering PDF as a format to download from their website. They’re switching them to ePub instead. Kobo sells very few PDFs anyway, probably less than 1% of their catalog. It’s not a good sign that they’ll continue to develop the PDF software on their ereaders but then again they haven’t done that for 5 years, and KOReader makes it rather irrelevant.

  2. Kobo Aura HD, despite its antiquity, is a great deal that price. Do you know if they ship them to Europe? They have a shop here, but this device is not available in our local shop. Thanks

  3. Do the current models ever go on sale? Black Friday? Boxing Day? I’m planning to but the H2O Ed2, but I’ll wait for the price to drop.

    • They frequently put the Kobo Aura 2 on sale for $99 but they rarely put other models on sale, not until they’re phased out. Kobo never does anything cool for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. They’ll probably just have the Aura 2 on sale for $99 again like they did last year…