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Goodreads Adds New Feature to Add Amazon Books to Shelves

Last year when Amazon acquired Goodreads, an online book community where people review and discuss books as well as find new books to read, we knew it was just a matter of time before Amazon started making use of Goodreads’ resources. Amazon has already integrated Goodreads into their Kindle Paperwhite ebook readers and Kindle Fire […]

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Send to Kindle

Kindle Cloud Storage Moves to Amazon Cloud Drive

One of the added benefits that Amazon offers customers who use Kindle devices or apps is the option to add personal documents and non-Amazon ebooks to their Kindle libraries using email or one of the Send to Kindle apps. Amazon is sending out emails to Kindle customers this morning detailing a change to the way […]

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Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV: Why No Kindle Integration for eBooks and Audiobooks?

The big news story today is the new video streaming and gaming device called Fire TV that Amazon has just released for $99. It’s basically Amazon’s answer to Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku devices. Amazon Fire TV is a small box that you plug into your TV to watch Prime Instant Videos, Netflix, Hulu Plus, […]

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Kobo Home iPad

Kobo Now Issuing Credits for eBooks Antitrust Settlement

Last week Amazon was the first to start sending out emails to Kindle customers informing them about credits that have been issued to their account in regards to the antitrust settlement case where the big five publishers had to pay-up for colluding with Apple to fix the price of ebooks. Soon after Amazon started issuing […]

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Sony’s Transition to Kobo is Smooth, But Not All eBooks Make It

Sony started sending out emails yesterday with links to transition customer accounts over to the Kobo ebook store now that Sony is closing the Reader Store. I received the email today and the transfer process was incredibly simple and took all of about 30 seconds to complete. All I had to do was follow the […]

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Diesel eBook Store is Closing

The Sony Reader Store isn’t the only ebook vendor shutting down business this month. Diesel eBooks has also announced that they will cease operations at the end of March. In fact they’ve already stopped selling ebooks and have placed a notice on their homepage telling customers that they have until the end of the month […]

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The eBook

Amazon Issuing Credits for eBooks Antitrust Settlement

Amazon has started sending out emails this morning notifying customers of credits being issued as part of the eBooks Antitrust Settlement. According to the eBooks Settlement website, other ebook retailers are also going to start issuing credits and sending out checks (Sony and Google) to customers who bought ebooks from the big 5 publishers during […]

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Lots of People Unhappy with Sony Sending Accounts to Kobo

Today Sony sent out another email about the Sony Reader ebook store closing tomorrow on March 20th. The email doesn’t contain any new information or give a specific date when the transition to Kobo will commence. It just basically says to expect an email with a link to transfer your account over to Kobo in […]

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