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Kindle Unlimited Sale

Kindle Unlimited on Sale for 25% Off – Valentine’s Deal

Amazon has a bunch of ongoing Kindle-related deals this week for Valentine’s Day. In addition to the sales on Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets mentioned earlier in the week, Amazon also has a Valentine’s Deal for Kindle Unlimited that takes 25% off. Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s ebook subscription service where customers pay a monthly subscription […]

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New Kindle Layout

Are You Happy with New Kindle Typesetting and Layout Engine?

Amazon started rolling out a new typesetting and layout engine for Kindle books last May to improve text layout and to add new features like hyphens, kerning, and drop caps. Amazon also introduced a new font called Bookerly that was designed specifically for reading ebooks on digital screens (there’s an E Ink version and an […]

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Kobo Book Stats

Kobo Adds Book Stats to Website, With Estimated Reading Time

Kobo has started rolling out a new book stats and keywords section to the product pages of ebooks on the Kobo website. The stats don’t appear for all books but a good share of them now display stats. Book statistics include the number of pages, the total number of words, and there’s a reading time […]

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Texture App

Texture Offers Unlimited Digital Magazines for $9.99 per Month

Have you heard of Texture, the magazine subscription app? Until last week I’d never heard of it before, at least that’s what I thought at first. Texture isn’t new exactly. A few months ago Next Issue, which started out on the iPad, changed its name to Texture, and added some new social and sharing features […]

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Kindle Cards

Kindle Cards, New Book-Specific Kindle Gift Cards

I came across an interesting help page at Amazon the other day that describes a product that I never heard of before: Kindle Cards. Apparently Kindle Cards are as rare as unicorns because I can’t find a shred of information about them anywhere outside of the help article. Using Google search pulls up one single […]

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Shelfari Closure

Amazon Closing Shelfari, Merging it with Goodreads

Last week Amazon revealed plans to close Shelfari, a social network for book lovers with various recommendation and sharing features. Ever since Amazon purchased Goodreads back in 2013, a similar but more popular service, the writing was on the wall (pardon the pun). Amazon has been neglecting Shelfari for years, and now it’s officially getting […]

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Kobo Price Match

Kobo Offers Price Match Guarantee for eBooks, Plus an Extra 10% Credit

Kobo recently introduced a price-matching program for ebook purchases that includes a 10% bonus credit. It works a bit differently than Amazon’s price-matching system where ebook prices get discounted directly to reflect prices and sales by other merchants. The way it works with Kobo is you have to buy the ebook then submit a request […]

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OverDrive app

Public Library eBooks and Audiobooks More Popular Than Ever

One great thing about ebooks is that fact that many public libraries around the world support ebook lending for free. All you need is an internet connection, a library card, a device to read on, and some time to read. Downloads through OverDrive’s library lending service increased by 24% in 2015. They set a new […]

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