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Kindle unlimited

Is Kindle Unlimited Worth Paying $9.99 per Month?

Amazon’s ebook subscription services, Kindle Unlimited, costs $9.99 per month to get access to a library of all-you-can-read ebooks. The service also provides access to audiobooks at no extra cost, and you can listen to as many of them as you want each month as well. However, the Big 5 publishers have shown no interest […]

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KFX Output Plugin

How to Convert eBooks to KFX Format for Enhanced Kindle Typesetting

There’s a new plugin available for Calibre called KFX Output that can convert ebooks into KFX format to make use of Amazon’s enhanced typesetting. This makes it possible to convert, create, and sideload KFX books onto Kindle devices and apps, even ebooks obtained from outside of Amazon. It’s been nearly a year since Amazon first […]

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Export Google Doc Files as ePub eBooks

How to Export Google Doc Files as ePub eBooks

Google added a new feature to Google Docs this past week that gives users the option to export their document files as ebooks in ePub format. Aside from Amazon and the Kindle, just about every ebook reader app and reading device supports ePub format. EPub has some obvious advantages over ebooks in PDF and other […]

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Nook Closing

Nook Store Closing in UK, B&N Sending eBook Accounts to Sainsbury’s

It’s happening again. Another ebook store is closing and customer accounts are getting sent over to a different company. No one is going to be surprised when they hear that Barnes and Noble has decided to close the UK branch of the Nook store. That is what’s happening on March 15th, 2016. The Nook Team […]

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Kindle Previewer 3

Kindle Previewer 3 Lets You Convert and Preview eBooks with Enhanced Typesetting

Amazon recently released a beta version of Kindle Previewer 3, a free desktop application for Windows and Mac computers that allows authors, publishers, and ebook creators to preview how their ebooks will look when using the new enhanced typesetting engine on Kindle ereaders and Kindle apps. The previewer supports importing a number of ebook formats, […]

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Scribd Changing What Unlimited Means Again

Scribd is a subscription service that offers customers access to ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and sheet music for a monthly fee of $8.99. Scribd has become somewhat notorious for changing their membership terms, and today they announced that more changes are coming starting in mid-March. It’s going to make some customers unhappy, but at least Scribd […]

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Kindle Unlimited Sale

Kindle Unlimited on Sale for 25% Off – Valentine’s Deal

Amazon has a bunch of ongoing Kindle-related deals this week for Valentine’s Day. In addition to the sales on Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets mentioned earlier in the week, Amazon also has a Valentine’s Deal for Kindle Unlimited that takes 25% off. Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s ebook subscription service where customers pay a monthly subscription […]

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New Kindle Layout

Are You Happy with New Kindle Typesetting and Layout Engine?

Amazon started rolling out a new typesetting and layout engine for Kindle books last May to improve text layout and to add new features like hyphens, kerning, and drop caps. Amazon also introduced a new font called Bookerly that was designed specifically for reading ebooks on digital screens (there’s an E Ink version and an […]

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