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Nook Glowlight 3

How Do You Prefer to Buy eBooks?

When it comes to buying ebooks, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can buy them from a phone, a tablet, a PC, an app, and pretty much anything with a web browser. Most ebook readers like Kindles and Kobos and Nooks have a dedicated store built-in. In fact you’d have a pretty […]

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Walmart eBooks Deal

Get $10 Off an eBook or Audiobook at Walmart, Includes Best Sellers

One detail that is easy to overlook with the new Walmart Kobo partnership is the fact that you can get $10 off your first ebook or audiobook purchased through Walmart’s version of the Kobo store. The offer is valid on all titles priced over $10, including new releases and best sellers, which are usually never […]

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Apple Books iOS12

New Apple Books App Released with iOS 12 Update

Today Apple officially released iOS 12, their latest operating system for iDevices, including the iPad Air and newer and the iPhone 5s and up. Among a number of changes, Apple iBooks is no more. Now Apple’s ebook app is simply called Apple Books. It has a new look and some new features, most of which […]

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Walmart eBooks

Is Anyone Buying eBooks and Audiobooks from Walmart?

Walmart launched their ebook store last month, except it’s actually just Kobo’s ebook store with a Walmart logo on it. They were adverting it on the Walmart homepage at first, but it appears that they’ve already given up on that idea. Now you have to go hunting for the link to their ebook and audiobook […]

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Walmart eBooks Logo

Walmart eBooks Surprising Price Match Policy

This week Walmart started selling ebooks and audiobooks in the US, along with Kobo’s current lineup of E Ink ebook readers. I was looking over the Walmart eBooks Help section and came across an interesting detail about their price matching policy. As it turns out, Walmart has a favorable price matching policy regarding ebooks and […]

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Walmart Now Selling eBooks and Kobo eReaders, But What’s With the Phony Reviews?

The Kobo Walmart partnership announced earlier in the year has finally come to fruition in the US. Residents of the United States can now purchase ebooks, audiobooks, and Kobo ebook readers through Walmart’s website, although the ebooks and audiobooks just redirect to Kobo’s website with a Walmart logo. The ebooks and audiobooks are also available […]

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Do You Like Reading eBooks in Landscape Mode?

I was thinking about how Kobo has never added the option to read ebooks in landscape mode using Kobo ereaders and how some people are put off with the missing feature. But is it really that important? Kobos are the only dedicated ebook readers that don’t have landscape mode for ebooks. It’s a rather odd […]

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Kindle Arabic eBooks

Kindles and Kindle Apps Now Support Arabic Language Books

Amazon officially announced today that Kindles and Kindle apps now support Arabic language books. People often ask if Kindles support Arabic, and not being a person that reads Arabic I’m always unsure of the answer, but now Arabic language books are officially supported so that question is answered. Amazon also unveiled an Arabic section in […]

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