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Kindle Fire Tablet Bundle

How to Return Kindles and Fire Tablets Received as Gifts

Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets make good gifts, and they are especially popular for the Christmas holiday, but you might not always want or need a new device that was gifted to you. If you don’t want to pass the gift along to someone else, you can return it to Amazon in exchange for an […]

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Kindle Personal Documents Service Explained, Easily Send Books to Your Kindle

Amazon is one of the only companies that allows users to upload ebooks and personal documents obtained from outside sources to their individual ebook accounts, making non-Amazon ebooks easily available on Kindle apps and devices, complete with syncing and backups. Amazon often gets criticized for locking everything into their own ecosystem, but when it comes […]

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Why Kindle Screens Flash and How to Turn it On and Off

Lately some people have been asking why the screen on their Kindle flashes black when turning pages and when navigating and using the menus and such. The flashing is simply a product of the way E Ink screens work. The display is composed of tiny capsules of E Ink with black and white particles that […]

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Black or White Kindle

Here’s How to Disable Sleep Mode on Kindles

Recently I came across a tip mentioned over at MobileRead that I haven’t heard about before on how to disable sleep mode on Kindle ereaders. Some ebook readers have the option in settings to disable sleep, like Kobo ereaders, but Kindles don’t have that option. Kindles will automatically go to sleep after about 10 minutes […]

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Alexa Read Kindle Books

Amazon’s Alexa Can Read Your Kindle eBooks Aloud, Here’s How

Last week Amazon released a software update to add Audible audiobook support to the entry-level Kindle and 1st gen Kindle Oasis (the new Kindle Oasis already had it), but a lot of people still wish Kindles had text-to-speech to read ebooks aloud like the Kindle Keyboard and 1st Kindle Touch. Text-to-speech has evolved a lot […]

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Here’s How to Disable the Touchscreen on Kindle Oasis 2

Earlier in the week Amazon released a software update for Kindles to add some new features. The entry-level Kindle and 1st gen Kindle Oasis got audiobook support, and they added the option to temporarily disable the touchscreen to the new Kindle Oasis 2. Oddly the feature isn’t available on the 1st gen Oasis even though […]

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How to Fix Problems with Kindle eBooks Disappearing on Fire Tablets

Lately I’ve been noticing the Kindle ebook app on my Fire HD 10 keeps resetting likes it’s starting from scratch, and all the downloaded ebooks disappear and have to be redownload again. There are a number of similar reports of problems with the Kindle app on the Fire HD 10 over at Amazon’s Fire Tablets […]

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Kindle Oasis

Kindle Indexing, Battery Drain, and Tips for Loading Lots of eBooks

If you get a new Kindle and load a bunch of ebooks onto it at once, don’t be alarmed if your Kindle suddenly starts running slowly or if the battery starts draining quickly. Whenever you add new books to a Kindle it has to index them so that you can quickly find things when running […]

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