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50 Tips & Tricks for Amazon Fire Tablets – 2017 Edition

A few years ago I posted a tips and tricks guide for Fire HD and HDX tablets, but a lot has changed since then, especially since Amazon upgraded to Fire OS 5, so I’ve gone through and updated the list to apply to the new 7th generation Fire HD 8 and 7-inch Fire tablets for […]

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How to Find List of Returned Kindle Unlimited and Prime eBooks

If you have a Kindle Unlimited membership and read a lot of ebooks, it can be hard to keep track of which books that you’ve already read. The same goes for Prime Reading, the library of free ebooks available to Amazon Prime members. Since you’re technically borrowing the ebooks instead of buying them it can […]

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Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper

7 Tips and Tricks for Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper

Sony’s latest PDF reader and digital notepad, the Sony DPT-RP1, was released a couple of weeks ago now, and since posting the first impressions review I’ve learned some new things about the device, so now seems like a good time for a few getting started tips. There are some notable deficiencies with the software, but […]

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Fire Tablet Play Store

How to Install Google Play on 2017 Fire Tablets in 5 Minutes (Video)

Amazon released two new Fire tablets this week, the Fire HD 8 and Fire 7, and it turns out it’s the same simple process to add the Google Play Store and Google apps to them as previous Fire tablets. Both new tablets are considered 7th generation models, but the software is the same as the […]

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How to Downgrade Software on Kobo eReaders After Buggy Updates

A lot of people have been leaving comments lately about how the last couple of software updates for Kobo ereaders have been causing a number of problems. There are several reports of the last 4.4.9298 update causing a problem with devices not recognizing the microSD card. There are some battery drain issues that seem to […]

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InkBook Classic 2

How to Setup Kindle App with InkBook Prime and InkBook Classic 2

I’m working on posting reviews for the Android-powered InkBook Prime and InkBook Classic 2, and it turns out the Kindle app works pretty well on them, but it takes some work to get the page buttons setup and it’s entirely not obvious unless you know exactly what to do. So this article is going to […]

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New Kindle

How to Register and Deregister Kindle eReaders

If you order a new Kindle directly from Amazon, it usually comes already registered to your Amazon account, so when you get it all you have to do is charge it up to get started reading. If you buy a Kindle from Best Buy, eBay, or some other retailer you’ll have to manually register it […]

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Kindle PDF Reflow

Here’s How to Use Amazon’s Kindle PDF Reflow Feature

Kindle ereaders and apps support PDF format but they don’t have PDF reflow built-in like some ereaders and apps. However, there is an easy way to convert PDFs to Kindle format, which essentially does the same thing as reflow. If you’re wondering what PDF reflow is, it basically converts static PDF pages to text that […]

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