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Kindle Light Adjustment

Here’s How to Adjust the Screen Light on Kindles

This question comes up surprisingly often from new Kindle users, and if you’re new to Kindles and are unfamiliar with the user interface, I can see why. You’d think they would make adjusting the frontlight blatantly obvious, but that’s not the case. If you go to the settings menu or look at the main menu […]

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Free Prime Audiobooks

How to Find Free Audiobooks with Prime Membership

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get unlimited access to a selection of free audiobooks each month in addition to Prime eligible Kindle ebooks. Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t make it particularly clear where to find the list of audiobooks available free to borrow for Prime members. In most cases you need to download the […]

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Kindle for PC Text-to-Speech

How to Use Text-to-Speech with Kindle for PC

Last year Amazon added text-to-speech support to their Kindle for PC application for Windows computers. Kindle for PC is free to download and use, so if you have a Windows computer and need a text-to-speech program you don’t have to buy a separate device to read Kindle books aloud. Not all Kindle books support TTS […]

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How to Use Multiple Libraries on Kobo Aura One

One of the unique features with the Kobo Aura One is its ability to search for and download library ebooks directly from the Kobo store for free. Other Kobo ebook readers and most ePub ereaders in general require using a computer to download library ebooks and Adobe Digital Editions to transfer them to the reader. […]

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Kindle Popular Highlights

Viewing Popular Highlights on Kindles

Have you ever noticed the Popular Highlights that are available on Kindle ebooks? Kindles have a lot of features and some of them are easy to overlook. Popular Highlights is one feature that I’ve never paid much attention to. In fact I usually have them turned off so I don’t get distracted by them while […]

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Large Print Mode on Kobo eBook Readers Makes UI Text Larger

Have you tried the new Large Print Mode setting that was added to Kobo ereaders with one of the recent updates? I hadn’t noticed it until just now because it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes, but it’s a new feature they added recently. The Large Print option is located under Beta Features in the […]

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Kindle Fire Tablet Bundle

How to Return Kindles and Fire Tablets Received as Gifts

Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets make good gifts, and they are especially popular for the Christmas holiday, but you might not always want or need a new device that was gifted to you. If you don’t want to pass the gift along to someone else, you can return it to Amazon in exchange for an […]

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Kindle Personal Documents Service Explained, Easily Send Books to Your Kindle

Amazon is one of the only companies that allows users to upload ebooks and personal documents obtained from outside sources to their individual ebook accounts, making non-Amazon ebooks easily available on Kindle apps and devices, complete with syncing and backups. Amazon often gets criticized for locking everything into their own ecosystem, but when it comes […]

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