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Kindle Oasis

Here’s How to Increase Font Size on Kindle Dictionaries

Here’s a quick tip to read library definitions using larger font sizes on Kindles. I saw this tip mentioned over on Amazon’s Kindle help forum and was surprised I hadn’t noticed it or heard about it before. Unfortunately there is no way to increase the font size within the dictionary pop-up window, but you can […]

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Kobo Clara HD

Easily Install KOReader and Plato on Your Kobo eReader with One Click

One thing that’s nice about Kobo’s ebook readers is the fact that they are open to software modifications and users can choose to install alternate reading programs if they wish, including programs like KOReader and Plato. What’s nice is you can still use Kobo’s default software if you want to; the installed reading apps don’t […]

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Kindle Book Dots Screenshot

How to Change Your Kindle’s Homescreen to List View

Amazon recently updated the software on Kindle ebook readers and changed the homescreen layout so that you can now scroll up and down to see more content, mostly ad recommendations to purchase more ebooks. Luckily the new homescreen view can be turned off if you don’t like it and just want to view a list […]

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How to Update Your Kindle’s Software to the Latest Version

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to update your Kindle ebook reader to the latest software version that Amazon offers. Some people have been asking why their new Kindle Paperwhite lacks some of the features shown in the video review, such as the option to disable the touchscreen, and it’s because the software isn’t up-to-date. […]

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KIndle Paperwhite 4

Directions for Jailbreaking New Kindle Paperwhite 4

If you got a new Kindle Paperwhite this holiday season and want to open up the software to install other reading apps and software tweaks, there’s a handy jailbreaking tutorial over at MobileRead with step-by-step directions on how to jailbreak the new Kindle Paperwhite 4. The most important thing to do is to keep Wi-Fi […]

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Walmart eBooks

How to Give eBooks as Gifts to Friends and Family

If you’re looking for a gift idea, don’t forget that most major ebook stores have the option to give ebooks as gifts. One of the benefits of giving an ebook as a gift is you don’t have to go pick it up or wait for it to ship; ebooks get delivered wirelessly in just a […]

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Kobo Forma Review

Tip: How to Disable Swipe Screen on Kobo Forma

Here’s a quick tip that some Kobo Forma owners will appreciate. Thanks to the new Kobo software update that was released yesterday, one of the smart folks at MobileRead figured out a way to turn off the annoying swipe to turn on requirement that Kobo added to the Kobo Forma. First off, the power button […]

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Kindle Paperwhite 4

How to Use Text-to-Speech on Kindles Using VoiceView (Video)

While Kindles don’t have an official text-to-speech feature that can be easily turned on and off from the menu like Fire tablets have, Kindles do have an accessibility feature called VoiceView that effectively works like text-to-speech once you enable it. The VoiceView Screen Reader is designed to help make Kindles usable for people with vision […]

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