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White Kindle Paperwhite

What Could Amazon Have In Store for a Kindle Paperwhite 4?

When you look closely at the current Kindle Paperwhite, it’s starting to lag behind other ebook readers in certain areas. Not just other brands like the Nook Glowlight 3 and Kobo models that offer more storage space and have frontlights with adjustable color temperature, but also other Kindles. For instance, the basic $79 Kindle has […]

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Kindle Popular Highlights

Viewing Popular Highlights on Kindles

Have you ever noticed the Popular Highlights that are available on Kindle ebooks? Kindles have a lot of features and some of them are easy to overlook. Popular Highlights is one feature that I’ve never paid much attention to. In fact I usually have them turned off so I don’t get distracted by them while […]

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Kindle Kids

Amazon Adds New Cover Designs to Kindle for Kids Bundle

It looks like Amazon is experimenting with some new creative cover designs for their Kindle for Kids bundle. The Kids Kindle doesn’t appear to sell nearly as well as the other Kindles (it only has 43 posted reviews after being available for over 1 year) so they’re probably looking for new ways to make it […]

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Kindle Frontlight Color Difference

Frontlights Still Vary Greatly From One to the Next

The current Kindle Paperwhite has been out for over 2.5 years now, and the Paperwhite line originally launched back in 2012 with the first frontlit Kindle. After that long of making them you’d think they would all come out looking the same, but that’s not the case at all. It’s amazing how much frontlights vary […]

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New Kindle

New Software Update 5.9.4 Available for Kindles

Amazon has issued another software update for Kindles to add a couple of new features, including expanded search and an in-book clock. The new firmware version is 5.9.4 and it’s available for all current Kindles and older models back to the Kindle Paperwhite 2 (6th generation). That covers all Kindles released over the past 5 […]

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Kindle Paperwhite Trade

Get up to $70 off Kindle Paperwhite with Trade-in Bonus

In addition to the Kindle sales that Amazon is currently running for Valentine’s Day, they’ve also brought back the $50 trade-in bonus toward the purchase of a new Kindle Paperwhite. The way the Kindle Trade-in deal works is you trade-in an old Kindle, either working or broken, then Amazon will apply a $50 discount to […]

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Kindle Valentine Sale

Kindle eReaders On Sale, Fire Tablets Too

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so Amazon has a number of their devices on sale this week. The Kindle Paperwhite is marked down to $99 and the entry-level Kindle is $59, both are $20 off the usual prices. They also have the 7-inch Fire tablet marked down to $39 ($10 off), the Fire […]

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Kindle Books

Here’s How to Improve Your Kindle Book Recommendations

Have you ever been annoyed by Amazon recommending Kindle books that you have no interest in reading whatsoever? Unfortunately it’s not as easy as filtering out specific categories or authors, but you can help influence what books will show up in your recommendations. Over at Amazon there’s an Improve Your Recommendations section that applies to […]

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