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Kindle Paperwhite on Sale for $99

This week Staples is running a sale on the 2nd generation Kindle Paperwhite. It’s the Special Offers version that normally sells for $119. Through Saturday, October 4th it’s marked down to $99 at Twenty dollars off may not sound like much, but that’s about as cheap as the Kindle Paperwhite ever gets. Amazon doesn’t […]

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Kindle highlights

How to Export & Edit Kindle Notes and Highlights

One of the benefits that Kindles offer is the ability to easily access and edit all the notes and highlights that you’ve added to Kindle books. Most reading apps and ebook readers offer the ability to add text notes and highlights to ebooks, but in most cases there is no option to export those annotations […]

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Kindle Unlimited eBook Subscription Service Arrives in UK

Back in July, Amazon first introduced their new Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service in the United States, where users pay a monthly subscription fee to gain unlimited access to the list of ebooks available in the program. Now Kindle Unlimited is available in the United Kingdom as well, and it comes with a 30-day free […]

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Kindle Voyage Features

Analyzing Kindle Voyage’s New Features In-Depth

Yesterday I posted about the new software features that are coming with the new Kindle ebook readers and Fire tablets. For the Kindle Voyage that includes the option to link accounts for family sharing, there’s a new Word Wise feature to help make reading books with complicated words easier to understand, there’s enhanced search, extra […]

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Kindle Library Sharing

New Kindle Software Features Coming Soon

Last week when Amazon officially announced the new Kindle models for this year, they also revealed some interesting new software features that will be coming out soon. The new Kindle ereaders, and presumably the Kindle Paperwhite since it’s not going anywhere, are getting family sharing, enhanced search, more advanced info with About a Book, access […]

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Kindle Voyage with Cover

Kindle Voyage in High Demand, Shipping Date Moves 5 Weeks Farther Away

The Kindle Voyage might be overpriced, but there appears to be plenty of demand for Amazon’s latest new Kindle, as shipping dates for pre-orders continue to slip farther and farther away. Three days ago when Amazon first started accepting pre-orders for the new Kindle Voyage, the release date was listed as October 21st. And if […]

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Fire HD 6-HD 7-Colors

Kindle Comparison Table Updated

This is a quick note to mention that I’ve updated the Kindle Comparison Table with all the new Kindle models currently being offered. The table lists all the older Kindle models for reference too. There are so many different Kindle models available that’s hard to keep track of them all. The chart helps keep things […]

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New Kindle vs Kindle Touch

The New $79 Kindle is Basically a Downgraded Kindle Touch From 3 Years Ago

It’s interesting to see how technology evolves over the years. Some technologies advance a lot faster than others. Some, like E Ink, seem to evolve at a snail’s pace. The new entry-level $79 Kindle is a good example of just how slow innovation is in the field of dedicated ebook readers and the electronic ink […]

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Kindle Voyage Side

Is the Kindle Voyage Too Overpriced?

Yesterday when Amazon unveiled the new Kindle Voyage ebook reader, initial impressions were positive given the new super high-resolution screen and fancy page turning sensors, but there’s definitely a bit of sticker shock to go along with the new Kindle Voyage as well. Amazon is clearly aiming for the “premium” dedicated ereader market, but have […]

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Hands-on Videos of Kindle Voyage and New Kindle Touch

Yesterday after Amazon officially announced the new Kindle Voyage and entry-level Kindle Touch, a few tech sites posted some early hands-on videos showing the new Kindles in action. Actually pretty much everyone focuses on the Kindle Voyage; the new entry-level Kindle is barely mentioned at all anywhere, and is being treated as more of an […]

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