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Kindle Matchbook

Does Anyone Ever Use Kindle Matchbook?

Back in 2013 Amazon introduced Kindle Matchbook, a promotional deal where you can get discounted Kindle ebooks when purchasing certain printed books. Sometimes the Kindle edition is even free when purchasing the paper book version, but qualifying titles are usually priced at $2.99 or less. Kindle Matchbook rarely gets mentioned to the point that it’s […]

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Text-to-Speech Alternatives for Listening to Kindle eBooks

Kindle ereaders haven’t supported text-to-speech for five years, not since the original Kindle Touch from four generations back, but the question still comes up all the time. Whenever a new Kindle comes out one of the first things that gets asked is if it supports text-to-speech or not. Technically newer Kindles do support a form […]

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Kindle screen Protector

Screen Protectors and E Ink eReaders a Bad Mix

It’s surprising to me how many screen protectors there are available for E Ink ereaders, Kindles especially. Amazon even has screen protectors listed as one of the main add-on accessories on all of their Kindle product pages. At $12.99 not only are the screen protectors way overpriced, they are completely unnecessary. First off you can […]

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Removing DRM from Kindle eBooks in Jeopardy Moving Forward?

In February Amazon is expected to release an update for their Kindle for PC program that could make removing DRM from Kindle ebooks problematic. When Amazon came out with their new enhanced typesetting engine in 2015, they started to change the Kindle ebook format from AZW to KFX to accommodate the added features. Since then […]

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Kindle Oasis Charging Covers Now Sold Separately

Somehow I never noticed this until today, but Amazon now sells replacement charging covers for the Kindle Oasis. All three colors are available, Walnut, Black, and Merlot. The price for the cover alone is $89. That’s pretty expensive for a small flap of leather but obviously it includes a built-in battery as well. The Kindle […]

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Do You Like the New Amazon Ember Bold Kindle Font?

A couple weeks ago Amazon updated the software on Kindle ereaders for the sole purpose of adding the option to use a new bold font called Amazon Ember Bold. Lots of people have been calling for bolder fonts on Kindles for years so it was nice (and surprising) to see Amazon finally add the option. […]

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Black or White Kindle

Kindle and Fire Tablet Sales and Deals Roundup

As expected, Amazon has started offering discounts on Kindles and Fire tablets again now that we’re just two weeks away from Christmas. They also have some Kindle ebooks on sale for up to 80% off today only as one of the main deals of the day. Kindle Unlimited subscriptions remain 25% off for one year […]

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Prime Reading Now Includes Free Audiobooks Too

When Amazon first launched Prime Reading back in October for Prime members it did not include access to any audiobooks, but now that has changed. Amazon recently added a few dozen books with Audible narration to the Prime Reading catalog. Here’s the list of audiobooks in Prime Reading. Anyone with Amazon Prime can get access […]

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