Kindle Paperwhite 2 Jailbreak

New Kindle eReaders Blocked from Jailbreaking and Hacking

There’s always been a number of custom hacks and tweaks for jailbroken Kindle ereaders (like screensaver and font hacks), but ever since Amazon released their latest line of Kindles last fall, jailbreaking has become pretty much impossible. Amazon has gone to great lengths to block any kind of hacking to the Kindle Voyage, the entry-level […]

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Write On by Kindle

Write On by Kindle is Amazon’s New Community for Writers

This past week Amazon officially introduced Write On by Kindle, a new website where readers and writers can get together to work on honing stories and writing skills. You can read books that are works-in-progress, including everything from short stories to novels, that writers have posted. You can offer feedback and suggestions to other writers, […]

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Mobile Friendly Blog

Our New Mobile Friendly Blog for Smartphones Launches

Yesterday an email showed up in my inbox from Google Webmaster Tools saying that The eBook Reader Blog was not a mobile-friendly website and that 100% of the pages had critical mobile usability errors. This website is turning six years old in a few months, and I’ve never setup a mobile-friendly version of this site […]

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Onyx Boox i86

Onyx Boox i86 with 8″ E Ink Screen & Android 4.0 Turns up for $249

The elusive and perpetually postponed Onyx Boox i86 that was announced last year is being sold on eBay out of Texas for $249 plus $10.80 for shipping. It’s rather odd to suddenly find this model for sale online in the United States since the other main retailers that sell Onyx devices aren’t even selling it. […]

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The Blue Fairy Book

The Blue Fairy Book is Amazon’s Free Audiobook for March

Just when it appeared that Amazon had stopped doing their monthly free Whispersync for Voice audiobook and ebook combination, a new title went up yesterday, considerably later in the month than usual, but it’s good to see that the promotion is still ongoing. This month’s freebie is The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. It’s […]

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Play Books Deal

Google Play’s 3rd Birthday eBook Deals – Amazon Price Matching

The Google Play Store turned 3 years old last week. To celebrate, Google is running a bunch of deals in the Play Store for ebooks and magazines, as well as music, apps, and movies. For ebooks, Google’s 3rd birthday promotion involves starting a new trilogy for $3. A number of highly-popular titles are included in […]

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Ghost and The Graveyard

10 Free Kindle eBooks to Start the Week

Below is a list of ten free Kindle books to get your week off to a good start. These titles are free as of March 9th, 2015. Please note that most of these ebooks are free for a limited-time only and could expire at anytime. Make sure to double-check that they are still free before […]

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Kindle 7

Entry-Level Kindle Touch on Sale for $59 Through Saturday

Amazon’s latest entry-level Kindle is on sale this week at for $59. That’s $20 off the regular price, a 25% savings. The sale ends Saturday, March 7th. The entry-level Kindle is also on sale for the same price from authorized retailers like Best Buy and Staples, if one of those stores is nearby and […]

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M96C vs M96

First Reviews of Onyx Boox M96C with Capacitive Touch

The Onyx Boox M96 is an Android-powered ereader with a 9.7-inch E Ink screen. Up until recently it was only available with a touchscreen that requires using a stylus pen for input. Then toward the end of January the Onyx Boox M96C was released. The “C” means it has a finger-friendly capacitive touchscreen instead of […]

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Kindle Voyage vs Kindle

Kindle Voyage vs $79 Kindle Comparison Review (Video)

For this review I’m comparing the Kindle Voyage with the $79 entry-level Kindle. I put together comparison reviews for each one against the Kindle Paperwhite a long time ago, so I figured the high-end model and entry-level model needed to get their own turn as well. I don’t think most people realize that they are […]

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