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Fujitsu Color ePaper

A Look at Fujitsu’s New Color ePaper (Video)

Earlier this week at the International Digital Publishing Expo, Fujitsu demonstrated their latest cholesteric LCD color epaper. Fujitsu has been one of the pioneers in color epaper technology and has been developing it for several years. Over the past four years they have released two different ereaders that use their color epaper technology, the FLEPia […]

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Fujitsu Flepia

Fujitsu FLEPia Lite – A Color eReader (Video)

Fujitsu was the first company to build and sell an ereader with a color epaper display, called with the FLEPia. It was introduced back in 2007 and started selling in Japan in 2009. Now Fujitsu has a new updated prototype of the FLEPia called the FLEPia Lite, which uses a cholesteric LCD display that Fujitsu […]

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