Apple Sells 2 Million iPads in Under 2 Months

I find it interesting that Amazon continually refuses to divulge sales figures for the Kindles, and yet nobody can get Apple to shut up about their sales figures.

Apple issued a press release today announcing that they’ve sold 2 million iPads in less than 60 days, which is pretty amazing considering the iPad has been US-only until three days ago, on May 28th, when the iPad was released to 9 more countries.

Back on April 5th, Apple sent out a press release saying they’d sold 300,000 iPads on the first day of its release in the US, including pre-orders. Then on May 3rd, Apple issued another press release saying 1 million iPads had beed sold in 28 days since its introduction on April 3.

So far, Apple is selling 1 million iPads a month. Add another 9 counties to get iPads in July, to make a total of 19 countries in all, and we are sure to see plenty more press releases like this with even bigger numbers.

At this rate, iPad sales could exceed 5 million by the end of August. And then the holidays are just around the corner. Can you imagine how many iPads there will be by the end of the year? I think it’s time I learn how to develop some apps :).

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