Firmware Updates for Cybook Opus and Cybook Gen3

Cybook Opus

Yesterday Bookeen released new firmware updates for the Cybook Opus, which comes in several different colors now, and the Cybook Gen3.

As usual with Bookeen’s ereaders, there two versions of firmware available, one for Adobe DRM ebooks and one for Mobipocket DRM ebooks (Mobipocket doesn’t allow Adobe support in conjunction with Mobi on a single device).

The updates include some new features, bug fixes, and expanded language support. The updates can be downloaded from Bookeen’s website. The page requires an account and login to view, so for everyone else here’s the complete list of feature improvements and updates for the new software:

Latest features (common to versions 1.6 & 2.1)

Instant Reading
Cybook can be switched on/off in 1 second, keeping last read page open.
Note 1: works on all 400 MHz Cybooks (Gen3 v3, Gen3 – Gold Edition and all Opus’).
Note 2: in this mode, device is actually in deep-sleep mode (very low power consumption).

“Shutdown” option now available from “Advanced…” menu.
On 400 MHz Cybooks, one can press the power off button for 2 seconds.
On 200 MHz Cybooks, power off button behaves as usual.
Note: when shut down, Cybook will display a blank screen with a “switched-off” icon.

9 new user interface languages for a total of 23 languages
New: Danish, Croatian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Chinese simplified & Chinese traditional.
User interface is now available in a total of 23 languages: Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Slovak, Slovenian, Chinese simplified & Chinese traditional.
Note: to be able to select a Chinese user interface, a Chinese font must be present in the “Fonts” directory.

Chinese/Japanese/Korean and other international content in “Library”
Support for Chinese, Japanese & Korean (CJK) file names and metadata.
Non Latin/Greek/Cyrillic text will automatically be rendered using another user supplied font (“Fonts” directory).
Note: works for all left-to-right languages.

Accelerometer shortcut (Cybook Opus)
Accelerometer can be enabled/disabled with “Menu” + “Enter” shortcut.

Side buttons (Cybook Opus)
Side buttons can be flipped (“Advanced…” menu), allowing one hand page turns with thumb on lower button (portrait modes only).

Improvement (Cybook Gen3 Gold Edition)
Lower power consumption in suspend modes.
Faster pagination mode.

USB activity (400MHz Cybooks only)
LED now blinks during USB transfers.

Bug fix (Cybook Opus)
Under some circumstances, accelerometer would stay in suspend mode and would not unlock until deactivated and reactivated.

Localization fixes
Corrections in Finnish & Spanish user interface.

Latest features (version 2.1 only)

Table of Contents (ePub/PDF/FB2)
Complete TOC now displayed, including potential multi-levels.

Improvement (TXT)
New heuristics to process text.
Specifically, Gutenberg Project texts will now be rendered better and faster.
Also, now accepts any text encoding.

Improvement (FB2)
Hyperlinks & metadata support.

Fix (bug in version 2.0)
ePub & PDF metadata handling corrected in “Library”.

Fix (bug in version 2.0)
Lower memory consumption with large font files.

Latest features (version 1.6 only)

Mobipocket dictionaries
Faster accesses in “Lookup” mode.
Note: dictionaries must be located at the root of folder “eBooks”.

Source: Bookeen’s Blog and Bookeen

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  1. Please can you sent me a croatian interface for pandigital nolel 6″.I have problem with reading the text without letter like č,š. So if you have fix for this problem, I”ll be very happy. Of courese I need a short guide how to install this program to my ereader. Thanks