Hands-on Kindle DX Video Review in Direct Sunlight

Here’s a look at Amazon’s new Graphite Kindle DX outside in the 90 degree blazing sunlight, showing off the new higher contrast Pearl screen from E Ink.

The review demonstrates everything about the Kindle DX’s ebook viewing features, text-to-speech, how newspapers work, how to use the notepad from EduKindle, and a brief look at the basic web browser.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to demonstrate the wireless very extensively because I only get about 1 bar—thanks AT&T.

This video review is also located on the newly-updated Kindle DX Review page. Make sure to check it out for more in-depth details about the new Graphite DX. I forgot to mention some of the pertinent details in the video, as usual.

And in case you missed it, there’s a second video and half a dozen high-def photos on the Kindle PDF Review page.

Please feel free to post any questions and comments you have about the Kindle DX below.

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