PRS-650 Touch Edition Review and PDF Review (Hands-on Videos)

For whatever reason, the PRS-650 Touch Edition shipped about a week and a half after the PRS-350. So now that I’ve had plenty of time to test the Pocket Edition, it’s time to get on with the PRS-650 review.

First off, I will admit that I like the PRS-650 better. Partially it’s because I’m used reading on a 6-inch ereader; I like the amount of text on the screen versus the smaller 350. Reading on the PRS-350 makes me feel . . . claustrophobic, for lack of a better term. The small font setting is just too small for my personal preference and the medium setting appears cramped and closed-in, like I want it to zoom out just a little more.

Messing with the font hack and changing the settings using Calibre helps to get a better font size for the PRS-350’s screen, but just using the regular medium setting on the 650 feels “right”. The font sizes are exactly the same on both devices, so the extra real estate on the 650’s screen makes a big difference.

I’ll do a proper comparison of the two next week with a video. For now here’s the PRS-650 video reviews. I’ll have the written reviews up shortly; the main review will be posted on the existing PRS-650 review page when it’s finished.

PRS-650 Touch Edition General Review

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Touch Edition PDF Review

6 Responses to “PRS-650 Touch Edition Review and PDF Review (Hands-on Videos)”

  1. Thanks a lot for that review! I really want a sony reader because it has touchscreen, which it will help me highlight text and make notes. I intend to use it to study, so that’s an important function. I just wonder, wouldn’t be better the PRS-950 over prs-650? It seens to made a really diference for you from the 5″ to 6″ screen. Maybe it would be worth to buy the 7″ one. Thanks again. Just love your blog.

  2. Great review again.
    Hope you`ll compare the Kindle and the 650.
    I`m liking that touch screen just from watching your videos.

    I wonder when you go back to the Kindle now do you really miss the touch screen?
    Do you find yourself tapping the screen for a bit after playing with the Sony`s and wishing it had one?
    Or is it easy to get back to pushing menu buttons.

  3. Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for your timely reviews, I really value your independent opinion more than most mainstream sources.
    I’ve been tortuously holding out from buying a Kindle 3 to see if the Sony Touch 650 knocks it out of the ring when it comes to PDF readability. I ‘m not buying to read PDFs only, and I realize they don’t have the ideal size to handle it, but this is the deciding factor, does Sony get the knock out and justify me stretching my budget ($139 vs. $229) or can I manage with the Kindle 3 if I do my homework cropping and converting? (Briss, Calibre, etc.)

    My Definite question is, on PDF reading alone, which one has more value? The Kindle 3 Wi-Fi at $139 or the Sony PRS 650 at $229?

    I’m leaning towards ordering the Kindle right away because of its overall value, but I would like to read your opinion on this first.


  4. @Flavia Biccas – When I reviewed the PRS-900 last December, I really liked the 7″ screen size. And it has some extra features that the others don’t have, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the new 950 when it comes out.

    @J.M. – The PRS-650 vs Kindle 3 review is on deck after the 650 written reviews . . . and a 650 vs 350 one after that. Regarding the touchscreen, with the Kindle the 5 way keeps me away from the screen but I do find myself reaching to touch the MReader’s screen from time to time. The touchscreen definitely is a faster way to go about it.

    @garoto – That’s a tough question because I really expected the Sony to have much better PDF support, but the Kindle 3 has really caught up to it. The Kindle 3 doesn’t have as many options–there’s no custom zoom dial or reflow (text-based PDFs convert pretty well using Amazon’s free conversion service, which is essentially the same as reflow, it just requires some extra steps). But the Kindle 3 does do some things well. When I compare the Kindle 3 vs the PRS-650 I’ll go into detail about the differences and advantages between the two. Until then you might check out the Kindle 3 PDF review if you haven’t already.

  5. Great review Nathan!
    I am very grateful. Your review is thorough and professional and you address the pros and cons of the ereader.

    I am looking forward to viewing your review comparing the Kindle and the Sony for PDF reading – specially from articles downloaded from the library at Uni. That is my main interest, as when it comes to books they are both very similar. Based on your review I will decide which one to buy.


  6. Very helpful review, thanks Nathan.