The Barnes and Noble Nook is Headed to Walmart


Move over Apple iPad, the Barnes and Noble Nook—and possibly the Nook 2—is set to arrive in 2,500 Walmart stores and on starting next week on October 24th.

Not only that but some Walmart stores will have Nook-branded eReading areas where shoppers can see and touch a demonstration device (probably more like a shelf tucked away than an “area” if their current selection of Sony Readers is any indication).

This makes three major retail chainstores that sell the Nook, the others being Best Buy and B&N, of course. Getting ereaders into brick and mortar stores is the current fad. Amazon just recently added Kindles to Staples stores, Target, and Best Buy. Sony, of course, has the largest retail presence, with their ereaders being sold from most electronics stores.

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