Pandigital Novel Review: 6″ SiPix Personal eReader

Pandigital Novel Personal eReader

Here’s a review of the new Pandigital Novel Personal eReader, not to be confused with the other Pandigital Novel ereader that has a color LCD screen.

This particular model, the “Personal” ereader, is more like a traditional dedicated ebook reader with an energy-efficient epaper display that doesn’t have a back-light. It uses a new kind of epaper display—different from the Kindle and most other ebook readers—called SiPix. Check out the review for the details . . .

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5 Responses to “Pandigital Novel Review: 6″ SiPix Personal eReader”

  1. THanks Nathan. By and large the review was great. I would have liked to see some more screen shots though, particularly ones against ereaders that have the vizplex screens. Still, you provide a great service, and I am very grateful.

    • Hi Bill,

      I hear you on the lack of images. I plan on doing a SiPix vs E Ink post tomorrow with plenty of pictures that I’ll link to in the review. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Oh one other thought, that just occurred to me. Do you think that the SiPix screen could be hurt by what it needs to make it a touch screen just like vizplex was (ala the not so great PRS-600 and PRS-700). Or to put this in a different light. If it had not been for the excellent PRS-350/650/950, would this be one of the better ereaders with a touch screen that works with fingers?

    • I don’t think the touch is hurting the display quality, but I could be wrong. It does kind of remind me of the PRS-600’s screen, the way the text is grayish in color, but there is no extra glare. If not for the new Sony touchscreens, yes, the SiPix touchscreen is one of the better “finger” touch ereaders since it doesn’t have extra glare and works well enough.

  3. hi i would like to know if Pandigital Novel Review: 6″ SiPix Personal eReader supports microsoft word formats and .txt format