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Cybook Orizon

Cybook Orizon Video Review; Closer Look at SiPix

Bookeen’s latest ebook reader, the Cybook Orizon, is now available in the United States, Canada, Europe, and even Japan. The Cybook Orizon is a 6-inch ebook reader with a SiPix touchscreen. The touchscreen was developed by Bookeen and looks to have some pretty cool features in the video. For one, you can pinch to increase […]

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E Ink Vizplex vs SiPix

SiPix vs E Ink – eReader Screen Technologies Compared

This SiPix vs E Ink review compares the Kindle 3 and Kobo WiFi’s E Ink screens with the new Pandigital Novel’s SiPix screen. (more…)

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Pandigital Novel Personal eReader

Pandigital Novel Review: 6″ SiPix Personal eReader

Here’s a review of the new Pandigital Novel Personal eReader, not to be confused with the other Pandigital Novel ereader that has a color LCD screen. This particular model, the “Personal” ereader, is more like a traditional dedicated ebook reader with an energy-efficient epaper display that doesn’t have a back-light. It uses a new kind […]

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MReader Touch 6-inch

Two New Pixelar MReaders with SiPix Touch Screens

Pixelar has two new ebook readers available for pre-order, called MReaders. There’s a 6-inch version and a 9-inch model. Both come with WiFi and have SiPix touchscreens. SiPix is an alternative to the more widely used E Ink screens. Both utilize the same type of electrophoretic technology, but use different methods to achieve the end […]

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Cybook Orizon: Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and SiPix

Here’s a look at the newest ebook reader from Bookeen, the Cybook Orizon. It has a 6-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, microSD card slot, and a new type of epaper screen technology called SiPix, which I’ll be posting more about soon. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Italian so the remainder of the device’s specs are a mystery at […]

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