Cybook Orizon Video Review; Closer Look at SiPix

Cybook Orizon

Bookeen’s latest ebook reader, the Cybook Orizon, is now available in the United States, Canada, Europe, and even Japan.

The Cybook Orizon is a 6-inch ebook reader with a SiPix touchscreen. The touchscreen was developed by Bookeen and looks to have some pretty cool features in the video. For one, you can pinch to increase and decrease font size.

Even better, the video clearly shows that the text isn’t nearly as gray as the text on the new Pandigital Novel’s SiPix touchscreen, so obviously the contrast appears much better, even though the background color on the SiPix screen is noticeably darker than E Ink screens when compared to the Sony PRS-650 in the video.

The video reveals some other cool details about the Cybook Orizon too. Like the fact that it has several different font types and text customizing options. There even appears to be an embolden setting to make the text really stand out.

Cybook Orizon Video Review

2 Responses to “Cybook Orizon Video Review; Closer Look at SiPix”

  1. Very interesting. Bookshelf and ePub show a nice and useful look, and some features that nobody has. I like a lot the 12 font sizes (I would put even more) and their touch control, too.

    Better screen :-(( and ePub hyphenation 🙁 support would convert it, no doubt, to a new reader for me to buy and test.

    About Sipix screen, the “mistery” and confusion continues… as today, I think “new” readers are really not shipping with any new Sipix screen evolution or “generation”, but old ones, since most others are delaying production to 2011 (using Sipix), so, maybe, these will be really the new ones and close to actual Vizplex for contrast ratio and background.

  2. Great post + video!
    Surpassing Sony eReader PRS-650’s functionality and options, but……….,
    the SiPix screen is really a drawback, otherwise it should have been the best eInk eReader device to date. 🙁