A Review of the PocketBook 602 eReader

Pocketbook 602 Review

I posted the review for the PocketBook 602 earlier today. It can be found on the PocketBook 602 page, along with a video review.

The review isn’t completely finished just yet; I’ll be adding a section for PDFs shortly. I’m still waiting on a firmware update to finish it because I think they’ll be adding a second program for PDFs called pdfviewer like the earlier PocketBook ereaders.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments about the PocketBook 602 below.

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4 Responses to “A Review of the PocketBook 602 eReader”

  1. Nathan, could u add a special pdf-review (complex formats(formulas. diagrams etc)) and if its possible to highlight text in pdf permanently in the possible zooms, margin-cuts etc to keep to original layout.

    • Sure will. I’ve got to go back and finish up the updates on the IQ review and Nook Color review first, so it’ll probably be next week—too much to keep up with :).

  2. I want through my 602 while watching your video.

    My front page has a clock instead of the mp3. How did you get that the mp3 there?

    I cannot figure out how to get the FB Reader you show. When I hold down the button I get a similar window to pop up but instead of having setting, mine has a zoom in its place. I cannot find those same setting anywhere such as line space or bold type. I did find where I can choose fonts.

    • Hi Carmen, it sounds like you need to apply the new firmware update found on the 602 support page. That adds FBReader and pdfviewer and a few other upgrades. The directions are on that page as well. To change the widget, move the cursor to that box and hold down the bookmark button, the one under the home button.