YouTube App APK for PocketBook IQ, Pandigital Novel


One thing I’m learning about Android is that there are tens of thousands of apps available and most of them have multiple versions floating around as they are continually updated and improved.

The strange thing I’m finding is that some older versions of certain apps actually work better on some systems than the new updated versions.

Enter exhibit A. The YouTube app. Most versions don’t seem to work on the PocketBook IQ, Pandigital Novel, and similar Android tablets.

Luckily I happened to stumble across a YouTube app from somewhere that works—for the most part—for the IQ, PN, and probably others. It works on a hacked Nook Color too but doesn’t go fullscreen—to fix this problem install a free app called Spare Parts, un-check compatibility mode and reboot.

So here it is at Mediafire. The YouTube Android app that works. Download it and transfer it to your device’s SD card then use the file manager to install it, or you can download the APK using your Android tablet’s web browser for easy installation.

Another option for videos is the Skyfire web browser. It can play YouTube videos and other videos embedded within web pages, but doesn’t work for all videos. The APK for it is available on the Skyfire website and through app sites.

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  1. Thank you! By the way, did you see that someone figured out how to root the IQ?

  2. Not yet, but I will soon.

  3. I got the new ‘Pandigital 7″TouchScreen 4GB WiFi Multimedia eReader/Tablet’ from QVC for Xmas and uploaded this version of youtube and it seems to be working great. Thx for the info!

  4. i downloaded the app using my novel’s web browser now how do i get it to work?

  5. i downloaded the youtube app but now how do i get it to wor? its just sitting in the download part of browser and i stiull cant watch videos

  6. Thanks!!! Works great on the PDN from QVC

  7. Freakin Fabulous!!!! Works great on my red PDN!!! You are sooooo awesome!

  8. I don’t know how to get it to work! I downloaded it on my novel’s browser but whenever I tap it nothing happens. I don’t know what’s wrong.

  9. I was able to install this on a completely stock PDN white. It works fine playing videos but when the video finishes, there is no way to back out of it. It only gives me the option to play the video again or watch a related video… any way to fix that?

  10. I would like to know if I can get a plug in to recharge my E reader PRS-300. I have the plus in for the computer but I would like one to plug in the wall.


  11. how do I access the novel’s ES file explorer? I downloaded the app on my pandigital’s browser but it doesn’t work. I want to try the suggestion you mentioned earlier but I have no idea how to access it. Thank you so much

  12. Hey Tork,

    just wondering what steps you used to get this on your stock white pdn. I have tried to get any apk files to work and so far unsuccessful. I want to keep my pdn stock without any firmware mods. Please post your steps to getting the app to install. thanks

  13. IIRC…

    You need an SD card. Put the APK on root and plug it in. Go to web browser and type in the address bar:

    file:///sdcard/*insert full apk filename*

    Of course, substitute in the full apk filename including .apk . The first time you do this, it will take you to a hidden (on stock firmware) screen that asks you if you want to allow 3rd party apps. Say yes, then if I remember right, turn off and on your PDN. When it comes on again, go back to browser and type in the apk filename again. Then you can install.

    After you’re done, mobile YT will work but as I have said, you can’t back out of a vide so you have to put your novel in sleep mode and back out again to get out.

  14. Can these apks be added to the home screen on the uprights white PDN? If so, how is that done?

  15. Meant to say “unmodified white PDN”

    • Apks are install files so there would be no reason to put them on the homescreen. Put them on the SD card. The YouTube app can be added to the homescreen, yes. Just hold down on the icon and drag it to the home.

  16. I’ve downloaded this version and it install fine (black Novel, Canadian version with latest firmware). I can search and watch videos, which is great. However, I cannot sign in to watch my favorites. Tapping on the settings button (the wrench) and then tapping on “My Account” does nothing. So I’m almost there to a fully-functional Youtube app. Anyone else have this problem? Any fixes out there?

    BTW, I tried downloading v 2.1.6 and it wouldn’t install.

  17. @Tork
    Thank you and Nathan! I could install the apk following your directions. To quit the youtube video screen, try plugging in a headphone jack. For me at least, a prompt pops up saying “Sorry, the video cannot be played.” and tapping “OK” brings me back to the previous page.

    Yes, youtube DOES work with headphones. You just have to press the “play” button once more! Again, thank you both and I hope this works for everyone.

  18. I am trying to download apps to my pandigital and NOTHING is downloading!! It all says unsuccessful… FRUSTRATING… Ready to toss it!

  19. Thanks for the app. I am able to install it. It is working fine. Home/Back buttons can be activated by pressing volume+ button. You tube search option is not visible on the first page. One needs to use Android menu.
    Is there any HD option available?

  20. install youtube works, thanks but where do i get the spare parts app to fix full screen problem. didnt see it in slide me

  21. Just got a new Nextbook 3 I have no clue what I am doing lol with download Apps I got a 4 GB SD card to give me extra Storage for starters and really would like to get better apps on my new Tablet when I try to download apps like the Youtube for example it doesn’t want to open I am so confused Please help!!

    • That’s strange. I have this same YouTube app working on the Next3. Try resetting or perhaps the memory card is locked or maybe the install 3rd party apps icon isn’t selected in settings? Also, you might check my Next3 video and the Android apps page for more info on installing apps.

  22. Doesn’t want to download on to my computer I cant understand why? (the YouTube app) Is there other sites with this App?

  23. Is there something else I need to download In order for me to Download these APK files? Sorry to keep bugging you..

    • I don’t know why it won’t download to your computer. You can use the Next3’s web browser and save the trouble of transferring it to the device. Once the download is complete from the Next3, tap the download notification icon to prompt install. Or use the file explore to go to SD card and then downloads.

  24. Great download app for youtube-SKYFIRE is fantastic.
    Features NY Times-ESPN-VEVO-Wired News-Howcast-Wikipedia-Yahoo sites-Standup comedy-Digg.

  25. I downloaded the YT app to my Next3 it starts the starts the video then stalls and freezes. Then the next video I select it says unable to show this video. What could be the problem?

  26. I will try putting it on Next3 tab then I hope it works…

  27. Nathan you will be happy to know the you tube app is now Installed on my tablet lol I downloaded it strait from Tablet have you heard of the Android market how can I get access to that or do you need to have a android Phone in order to have access I would love to get more apps for tablet Like Pandora and others ttyl

  28. Thanks so much for the Youtube app link! Works great! I have the black PDN with the upgraded firmware. I tried the SAM 4 app from Slide Me, it choked miserably… I guess I need to figure out what version of Android I have and stick to older apps. Trial and error huh? Keep up the great work and let us all know what you find that works, I’ll be checking back with you.

  29. I got the YouTube app in my Nex3, but now my question is how do you control the volume, change the size of the video screen, or go back to the main screen. With the YouTube player in the tablet you were able to do this.

  30. Thank you! youtube app works great. I do notice that words and video are not in sync. not sure how to fix, but at least it works. thanks for all the great info. Now to try installing the market.

  31. Thanks!!! Now I can get to watch my favorite videos on my white PD. Is there a way to get Android Market on the white PD?

  32. Thank you for the steps to install You Tube on my Pandigital Ereader. I folled your directions to a T and,
    it works fabulously. Now I have to download the Spare Parts Ad. You are “TheMan”.

  33. how can i upgrade my pocketbooiq android 2.0 os

  34. Thanks for the youtube app, it works great on my PN. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to use it, but it works great. Is the Skyfire app still available? Your link isn’t working.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I updated the link so it works now. You’d think they would have setup a redirect when they changed their website…

  35. I installed the app from my PN browser i got it on my PN but
    whenever i try to open any video it keeps saying video loading……….please tell me what to do?

  36. Does this work with the firmware update? Or will that fix the youtube problem?

  37. Hey, I have a 7inch pandigital 2gb, for x-mas. And I want to use youtube on it, I download the file, but how do I install? I do not have a cumputer, I’m useing my pnd to type this.. its so slow. Haha please help thanks:)

    • All you have to do is tap the file once it’s finished downloading. Tap the notifications bar at the top or open the downloads folder in the browser to get to it.

  38. Ok, well I taped and all it did was turn bright yellow, then plain white. And when I tap ans hold it ask m if I want to clear it. Double. Taping dosnt do anything either. Hmmm, well maybe its all ready installed? How could I check?

    Thanks nathan:)

    thank u sooooo much! it works like a charm =D

  40. How can i watch videos on youtube

  41. where can I download youtube app? can’t find it here pls help

  42. I got the app but my graphic on my pandigtal ereader is bad how can i fix it?

  43. A Million thanks! Worked perfectly!

  44. Link is OFF man!!! Can you re-up? Thanks a lot!!!

  45. Here is a site to get youtube it works

  46. U welcome just email me or let me know for any other apps