New 7″ Pandigital Novel Available at QVC

Pandigital Novel Red

While doing some research for the 9″ Pandigital Novel review I’m working on, I came across a new version of the 7″ Pandigital Novel that’s available exclusively from QVC until the end of January.

Until now, Pandigital has had two different 7-inch ereaders on the market, each with subtle differences. It looks like this new one is an updated version of the “black” Pandigital Novel.

The upgrades include a boost in memory up to 4GB, the addition of three color choices, red, blue, and black, and it comes with some additional accessories. Total accessories include a stylus, AC adapter, USB cable, cradle/stand, leatherette case, and ear buds.

Probably the biggest upgrade is the inclusion of 100 pre-loaded ebooks from the Barnes & Noble Classics Series. B&N’s classics are well formatted and include footnotes and introductions. They typically cost $1.99 – $2.99 each, so that’s a pretty good deal Pandigital managed to score.

I watched the video over at QVC briefly and the guy stated it has a new faster processor, but there aren’t any detailed specs available anywhere to confirm that.

The biggest question is whether or not Pandigital updated the Android operating system with this new model. Pandigital makes a point of never mentioning the Android version so you have no idea what you are getting. The main problem with the black Pandigital Novel is that it uses an early version of Android whereas the white Pandigital Novel and new 9″ model both use Android 2.0.

If anyone gets their hands on one of these new models please let us know what version of Android it is running. You can check by going into settings, then scroll down and select “About Pandigital Novel” to see the Android version listed toward the bottom of the page.

If they updated the OS to Android 2.0 (Eclair) then it stands to be a much better deal than if it is running Android 1.6. It’s harder to find apps compatible with anything below 2.0. Of course if your only interest is in using the pre-installed apps then the version of Android really doesn’t make much difference.

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  1. Seriously, why would Pandigital not publish the Android version anywhere? This coming from a company which has a different version of Android on different coloured devices! I guess their target audience is a newbie who doesn’t know a cupcake from a froyo! And none of the reviews on the QVC site state the version either…come on, reviewers! A little help here!

  2. Android version is 1.6

  3. Mine says Kernel version: 2.6.27 Kobo@Android

  4. I received one just a couple of days ago. Unfortunately I cannot find the OS version anywhere in the unit. My Novel does not have “About Pandigital Novel” in the settings section, just a “About eReader”. In this section mine also indicates Kernel version: 2.6.27 Kobo@Android.

    Where did you find the OS version?

  5. Last week my wife ordered the red PD MM ereader from QVC. It arrived on Wed of this week. I’ve spent much time since then trying to set it up. It’s the same kernel version as Andrea’s, 2.6. 27, Kobo@Androiod. Here’s what I know.
    Don’t waste your time trying to install the latest firmware as you’re told to do in the flyer that comes on top of everything else in the box. After a couple of hours at their website trying to find the appropriate download (none matched my serial #) I called their service line. An hour on hold later, the tech and I finally came to the conclusion that this was the newest version (has 4 gigs of onboard ROM, not 1 or 2), and has no firmware update necessary. I wish there had been some clarity on their website. would have saved a lot of time and effort. When there is a firmware update available, installing it apparently will wipe out all contacts, email and wireless settings. Cool, huh.
    Wireless was a snap to enable and works pretty good.
    Don’t waste your time trying to enable a POP3 email account, at least not MSN/hotmail/windows live. It can’t connect to the servers. I finally had to get a gmail account for my wife (gmail goes on like a dream) and have msn mail forward her mail to it for her to have when we are on vacation which is why she bought it (her droid, which finally accepted her msn account ater some tweaking) is too small to read, is her reasoning, and a netbook is too expensive and not a good book reader.
    You will have to enter any contacts you want into your contact list by hand as there is no way of importing them. I only put on a few of the most important ones as I have the droids to fall back on, and mostly on a trip we’ll just be replying and emailing close friends anyway. Once entered the contacts list synced well with the gmail accounts to my surprise. I was able to enter the first leter of two of my recipient’s name or address and pick from a list.
    You’re supposed to be able to download and install android apps like maps and games (handy on a trip) and with a bit of snooping I found sites that would download them to the unit. but when it came to installing them (user’s guide is onboard as a book and explains how to do it) installation would start and then a message always says the app can’t be installed on this phone. There’s no access to the android market so all apps have to come from the developers or secondary services like freakshare . com and I may be trying to download apps that simply won’t work on my Kernel version. No help from Pandigital at all in this respect. This is one of the most important reasons for buying this model and if I can’t get it to download anything more than what’s there now, I think it’s going back regardless of how much time I’ve already spent on it. Pandigital should let us know what apps can be installed on their device. I’ll try a couple more downloads to see if anything installs and post here if anything works. If anyone has another way of going about it, please let me know.
    Navagation on the touch screen and using the virtual keyboard is adequate, and using the stylus that hides in the lower right corner of the unit works better than your fingertips. Way better.
    be very carefull with the screen, it’s not glass. It’s like the card swipe machine screens that get cloudy with a million signatures. Mine’s not showing any sign of scratching yet, but I bet it won’t hold up nearly as long a a glass one would. It’s a low luster screen which might make it better as a reader for books, but I don’t know about appearance in the long run.
    I’ll try posting this as a single post, but most likely I’ll have to break it up into smaller bites. P. S. fix your captcha code entry. I’ll bet it’s ticking off a lot of folk. put it above the submit comment and make it so it will work.

  6. Here’s a short update. I played solitaire on the Pandigital last night! Downloaded it from without a hitch. followed the user’s guide to install it from the E S File Explorer app and this one successfully installed. I may have been trying to install apps that just don’t work on this version, whatever it is. I’m sure there are other sites out there the have free and paid .APK downloads available, both developers and resellers. If anyone knows how to tell if an app’s going to work B4 installing it please let me know. Otherwise I guess it’s just a matter of trial and error. Wow! just went to submit and overnight the captcha code went from below the submit button to above. Someone’s actually paying attention. Way to go!

  7. I had the same problem setting up my email. Even changed my password to make sure it was right. Says it can’t connect to server. Did you contact Pandigital? Did they suggest you set up a gmail account? No problem getting the wi-fi connection.

  8. Thanks Dave for your updates. I had the exact same problem trying to update my pandigital. If it weren’t for your post I would still be trying to update and wasting valuable holiday time.

  9. I want to know how to download nook for android i thought you could get all kinds of magazines for the ereader. the ones i want you have to have nook for android. at the barnes and noble store they only have a few that you can get without it. anyone know about this?


  10. Here is a list of apps that work out the box on the device.
    Pandora radio v.1.2.1
    Dolphin Browser
    skyfire (Flash Supported browser)
    Advanced TaskKiller
    Yz Free

    & more to be tested.

  11. Sheleen. No, Pandigital did not make the suggestion that I get a gmail account. I have on for myself and set it up before trying to set up the msn mail account for my wife. Mine went on without a hitch. I was finally able to access msn mail by finding the Windows Live sign-in page and then accessing my own old msn account so I know she can do it with hers too. Before, I simply could not find a way to get to msn mail on the web, at least one that was functional. I then closed the Gmail account I set up for her as an alternative. I tried downloading ebooks and audio books from my library but they are having a problem with Overdrive right now so that’s out. I downloaded the Skyfire browser but there were too many conflicts with the included one (maybe google chrome as it’s an android and that’s google?)so I’m sticking with it for now. I want something like Flash (may have to get skyfire back and make it default), but found an older utube apk that works great and the video’s are really good quality and download faster than I thought they would. found several games (and I think the earlier utube apk)at The SAM app (Slideme Application Manager?) is for a later OS apparently, but I was able to download them directly to the Pand. anyway. I started with the most current files and none would play even if the would download and install. Then I got smart and started with the oldest files on the last page of the andriod list and worked forward, ditching the ones that didn’t work. I haven’t gotten NOOK yet, but I think there’s an article here on android apps that tells how to get it. I’ll check it out next as I want it also. Roadjag, I think Facebook came preloaded on mine (or I picked it up along the way and have forgotten doing it). Also, does anyone know about the 100 or 200 preloaded books that are supposed to be on this model. I cretainly don’t have them anywhere to my knowledge, and the user’s guide doesn’t mention them (nor does B&N). May have to write Pandigital and ask about that one. And Roadjag, where did you find the v1.2.1 pandora app. The one I downloaded won’t work on my “phone” (got that message a lot), and ATK as well. I got the rest of the ES apps (bookmark, File explorer, Security Mgr, Task mgr from somewhere I’ve forgotten, but I’d love ATK and lookout if I can find them (they work great on my Droid). Too bad there’s no market app for whatever version this is. More than enough for now.

  12. Dave,

    I found the ebooks(we have QVC red model) under \ebooks after connecting with the USB cable, just browse the device. They are all in the EPUB format. We use Calibre to manage the device and add/delete books.

    The firmware app updating tool looks like it had a new version out(3.0) seemed to recognize the new reader. I have not tried to update the firmware yet.

  13. I am seemingly having issues with the updater and pandigital’s website and was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue. I had installed the Canadian firmware to see about getting a more android feel to it but cannot read my Barnes and Noble Ebooks. I am supposed to easily be able to just reinstall the US firmware but I cannot download the file. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

  14. I too, am having issues with the updater. It locks up shortly after beginning it’s download. has pandigital addressed this yet?

  15. I tried to download the solitaire game on the freeware site. It told me no appliction exists to open the file. When I looked in my applications folder it lists Android but it also is listed as taking up 0.00B Cashe. What could this mean?

  16. Dave,

    Thanks for all the great information. Much appreciated. Several reviewers on the QVC site said you can find your pre-loaded books in my library under local (I haven’t done it yet). I want to make sure I can get my email going first.

  17. Sorry, it was My library-Date then Local.

  18. Hi does anyone know how to upload photos and music onto the reader? My device didn’t come with a cd for software and when I plug it into my pc with my usb and try to install it, it doesn’t work. Also is it possible to upload word documents on it? I am also having trouble connecting my email and it won’t even let me open the hotmail sign in page. I tried calling the help line for two days before I got someone, and he wasn’t trained so he recorded my questions and said someone would call me back I’m still waiting.

  19. #$%^&^$$ Captha file!!! I just waisted 10 minutes. OK. Calm down. Erica. Put Music on an SD card and it will work fine. I don’t know about moving it to the internal memory, haven’t tried to yet. Hotmail!!! The only way I have been able to get to my msn mail acct. is to go to windows live ID page. Log on. click ONLY on Windows Live Home. /then to inbox. That should work. If you have entered contacts in your contacts apps, they will sync with mail you send by clicking on the mailbox at the upper right of the inbox screen. Works pretty good.

  20. Erica. try windows Live ID if you’re haveing trouble just keep hitting suggestions ti one gets you there?

  21. I purchased a book, was able to download do PC, but when I try to load to Pandigital novel it says it cannot open this protected book. Any sugestions?
    I did get a free book as well and was able to open and read with no problems.

  22. Diana,

    I had the same problem and was on another message board and someone said to log out of your Barnes & Noble account on your Pandigital and then log back in. It worked for me but you will have to redownload your books.

  23. You ca go to and download the program Double Twist that will sync your Pandigital E-reader. You will have to scan a bar code to get the apps. ( used for a phone). I put pictures and music on mine and subscribed to podcasts to sync with mine. There is another program called Media Monkey that might work with the E-reader. I have not used it yet but I will give it a try when I get the chance.

  24. Dave, thank you for trying to help. I guess I will have to get an SD card. I tried what you said and after some time I got into a page where it allowed me to sign up for a new live hotmail account. I did that and it opened up. But when I signed out and tried to access the page again it wouldn’t let me access the log in page just as it did with my old hotmail account. I noticed that there is a little lock at the top of the page with the windows log in title and the rest of the page is black so I thought maybe for some reason this page could be locked and access restricted for some reason??? I’m not sure. No one has called me as they were supposed to and the e mail set up is still saying that it could not find the server. I don’t know why something seemingly so simple is taking so long to correct, but at least I was able to manage to download a few books for the time being

  25. Does anyone know how to access Youtube and play music on the Pandigital Reader? I cannot figure it out and have been frustrated by the number of days I spent researching and working on it. Help, please!

  26. Rita, I tried to watch Youtube videos as well and from my research the videos won’t play because the pandigital does not have flash! If someone knows how to make this work I would love to know also!
    I’m downloading the android software now and it is taking forever is it worth it??

  27. How do I download it? do I use the SD card? I’m sort of confused on how to download apps I have the white pandigital 7″ just got it for Christmas

  28. THANKS Nathan, you rock!!!

  29. Ok so I put the apps on my SD card I put the card at the top of the reader went to settings and can’t find anything that says applications what am I doing wrong? I can’t pull up any apps that I downloaded!! HELP

  30. Okay I’m annoyed! I have the android on the novel now and now I can’t get the original book screen back or does that not come back? how can I read books now? and the apps I downloaded I can’t see on the home page I’m so lost ugh!!!

  31. when I click on es file explorer it says sd card unmounted or not present???

  32. Okay can someone tell me how to uninstall this android *ish cause I can’t get the original pandigital noval back and now my sd card is not reading!!!

  33. Hi All,
    I currently own the black 7″ Novel and I love it. It is the 4GB running the kernel version 2.6.27 kobe@android(?). Everything is working great. Was able to setup my hotmail account and it works fine. My regular email is too obscure to be recognized although I didn’t try it as I’m not sure if Android only shows copies from server. I only want my email downloaded to my laptop. I go to my ISP’s website and view regular email from there. I hunted for a YouTube app that would work. That’s what brought me here. Downloaded the one suggested. It works great. I’m extremely pleased with the video quality. Wish I could find an Adobe Flash Player app that would work now. As far as installing apps it is hit or miss. I’ve managed to download several though. Have not used an SD card. Just downloaded all from web browser. This is a nice reader/tablet for the price. Again, the video quality is what I’m amazed by!

  34. Hello: I have a new black Novel with 2gb internal and 8gb on an SD. It is working fine as a reader and the browser works fine for research / query stuff. However I am having problems as it appears many of you are in trying to access a windows live hotmail ID. I can use the approach to create a new ID and after creating it use it on the Novel until I allow the Pandigital to signoff. I can not then sign on again on the Novel with that new ID to use it again. Nor can I sign on with any other live ID from the Novel.

    Anyone else having a problem like this?

  35. I’ve been looking all over the internet for this issue and still cannot find the answer to this. Does anyone know how to read books directly off an SD card instead of importing them. I cannot import because I have about 5 gb worth of books, and the internal memory is only 2gb. If this cannot be done then what’s the point of the SD card slot, especially being expandable to 32 gb and all.

    • Hit library then tap one of the headings for title, etc., and tap it to bring up a list of options to show your library contents on the SD card.

  36. so, i cannot get my pd eReader to download books, or update my library or anything. i keep getting the same message saying “B&N server not responding now”. someone please help.

  37. OK. One more try with this hotmail problem. This assumes you have a hotmail account, and password. You probably already have a windows live ID, but it will be the same ( and password) as your hotmail account. If you don’t have one, set it up at the site recommended above. THEN: from the browser, select tools (the wrench at the lower right), search (the magnifying glass on the bottom left) and enter in the search line, ‘windows live id’, and hit GO. when you get the list of websight choices, go to the one named Windows Live ID (’login.aspx)and select it (when you get there bookmark it so you can go there again, and later, from bookmarks, long press the link and select ‘add shortcut to home’ so you can go directly to it without starting the browser first). Now sign in with your hotmail/windows live ( and password), (you’ll have to delete the @ before entering you email address) and hit “sign in”. now be carefull! from your windows live account page select “Windows live home”. from here you will be able to do multiple things, the most important being “go to inbox”. This better work.

  38. I need help what website can you go to so you can download flash and adobe for the black 7″ pandigital ereader

  39. Now I need help. I found my freebies at B&N (thanks, Sheleen) and set up Overdrive Media, got set up with Adobe for certification, and downloaded a book from my sister in law’s library using her #. The problem is that the format that appears on my ereader is virtually unreadable. Pages are double wide and have to be read by paging the reader back and forth for each line. this is impossible to cope with but to make matters worse the bottom portion of the page is inaccessable by scrolling down, nor can it be reached by going to the following screen. This was the same at both libraries (B&N and Ovderdrive) for most books,though I just now tried the BN reader again and everything worked fine? Go figure. Maybe I just got a book from Overdrive that just doesn’t lend itself well to digital format? next I will get my own library card # and try downloading another book to see if it’s better. If it is, I think we’re pretty well set up. I’ll probably delete the readers I installed if we don’t wind up using them (seem to be repetitious?). Does anyoone know if this model plays AVCHD . 264 video by any chance? It’s mentioned once inthe user’s guide although the guide covers more than just this one model. Wouldn’t that be great!. I have a panasonic camera that records in that format and It would be fantastic to be able to play HD home movies on it (well, nearly HD anyway).

  40. Ok, so I have a few questions. If I download that skyfire app for android will it let you watch netflix instantly? I don’t want to download unnecessary apps that might mess up the ereader. Are there any undates that I need to add to the ereader or should I just leave it alone? Also, if anyone can just list what apps you can download, if any that are good and how to download these apps. I am not very tech savvy, so I am a little lost by everyone’s posts. Thanks so much!

  41. Why do I ALLWAYS get the captcha error the first time I post a comment EVERY single time?? You”ve got it in the right location now, now fix the thing so it works the first time, not the second. Thanks.

    Gabby. I just googled netflix, android. No you can’t use the Pandigital ereader to watch netflix. No Android product is currently supported by netflix for security purposes. Next year they will begin support but most likely not on ours, at least at first. skyfire or no Skyfire. If and when netflix supports the pandigital they may provide a flash app for download to watch it.

    No, there is no need to look for or try to download a firmware updaete for the QVC purchased ereader(I assume that’s the one you have as that’s what this blog is supposed to be about, though there have been post by owners of other models here). There are suggestions and links on several posts indicating websites where you can download .apk (android apps). I have several games, additional book reader apps, a utube app and a bit more. Most will download to your device. some won’t. some won’t install once downloaded, and some won’t play once insstalled. It’s hit and miss. I downloaded skyfire and used it for a time but got rid of it as it got a bit pushy and wanted to superceed the default browser all the time. google droid apps downloads or go to the sites recommended above. some indicate that hyou need to photograph a UPC, and you have no camera unless you haave a snazzier model than the rest of us. just hit download and it usually works without the UPC check. Just try stuff, that’s what we did. READ the manual. it’s long and a bit complicated but cover’s a lot of ground. Most of us have spent VAST ammounts of time setting up our readers. Without patience and trial and error you’ll get no-where. I’d tell you everything you need to know, but I’ve forgoten most of it as soon as it gets results. Lots of posts. Read them carefully and there’s plenty of info here. probably too much.

  42. I have music on an SD card as well as short home video. The pandigital reader shows the names of the songs, but does not recognize the file, WMA. The videos do not show at all, the pictures are fine. If anyone has an answer, please, I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  43. captcha error – Hi Dave, got the same problem the first time as well.

  44. Sorry about the Captcha’s, folks. I plan on updating the comment sections and overall blog functions here over the next few weeks to improve how everything works.

  45. You’re doing great, Nathan. Thanks for all you’ve done here (now I’ll just copy this and send it twice, again).

  46. oh lookie, it went through on the first try this time! I have to try this again!

  47. Hmmm. Nathan, did you fix this already, or do you just let short smart alec posts go through the first time?

  48. anyway, Thanks.

    • If you’ve posted once and have had a comment approved then it automatically approves them unless there are spam flags like more than one hyperlink. I wish there was a way to setup the Captchas to work in the same manner. I can’t wait to get the new comment system set up with nested comments, options for replying, subscribing, etc. It will look and work a lot better than this set up.

  49. Thanks guys for the posts. Yes I got mine from QVC also. I guess I should read the manual lol. I always just get something and then start playing with it (trial and error) without first reading the manual and then if I can’t figure something out, I will look through the manual. Thanks again everyone!

  50. Oh and I know this is probably a stupid question, but is there a specific SD card that I should get or are they all the same size not GB wise but I mean will they all fit in the slot specifically for the SD card? I know they have SD cards at Wal-Mart that are 2 GB of memory, but I didn’t want to buy something and it turn out to be be big (actual size wise). Sorry guys if this is confusing. I hope this makes sense what I am trying to say.

    • The main thing is to make sure you get an SD card like these ones shown at Amazon and not a micro SD card. I usually suggest 8GB, but since it comes with 4, another 4GB is probably good unless you plan on having a lot of large video files, images, etc.

  51. Gabby. I don’t think you will probably ever need to buy an SD card if you have the QVC pandigital with 4 gigs of internal memory. There’s only so many apps that you could ever download and use, and 4 gigs at 1 to 1 megs per book would give you room for literally thousands of books to have at the same time. You will probably delete most books you read after reading them anyway and there’s nothing that can be downloaded to an SD card that can’t go into the internal memory anyway. But if you ever do, all SD cards are the same size and will fit in the provided slot. There is a difference between the 2 gig and smaller (memory wise, not physical size) cards and the 4gig and larger, but there’s no need to concern yourself with whether it’s an SD or SDHC card, the Pandigital ereader will handle that. I’m still having trouble reading anything I’ve loaded from my online public library on my epub reader. Anyone have any suggestions?

  52. Can someone please help me. My husband bought me the Red 4gb ereader/tablet from QVC for Christmas so far I really love it. I have been able to surf the web, download games, rented library books and created account through B&N and downoaded my books. All fairly easy.
    However, I notice that if I sign out of B&N all my downloaded books from B&N disappears from my library. When I sign back in I have to update library and redownload each book. Is this normal? AM I suppose to stay logged in to B&N for good? (I am new to this whole ereader thing).
    I thought once I downloaded my books they were stored in my 4Gb memory to read anytime. I have tried to contact Pandigital for support… but no luck! I called QVC tonight and the Lady said this is not normal i should not have to stayed logged in once I downloaded my books from B&N just to return ereader. I have untill Jan 31st to return for a refund. I really want to keep this but not if I have to redownload everytime I log out. That would mean I would have to have wifi to be able to redownload books and there may be times when I am not around a wifi connection. This has stressd me out. Any advise would be great. Thank You

  53. Misty-I have the purple one, and it does the same thing if I sign out of B&N….but I read with the wifi turned off and I can close, turn off, change books, etc and the books are still there. I think you have to keep the reader signed in at all times after you download whether or not the wifi is on. so, anyone know how to save the books to sd card rather then the B&N account?

  54. Thank you for replying. I really enjoy the reader but wasn’t for sure if The log on/off thing was normal. Seems weird to have always be signed in but, I guess that’s normal if yours is also doing the same thing. However, I would like to know if theres a better way.
    I also had a issue with my Adobe Digital Books. I was able to to authorize the reader with ADE and download from my local library but I downloaded a book from B&N and hit update and when i tried to read my Library book from ADE it gave me an error that I wasn’t authorized anymore to open that book. Had to deauthorize pandigital novel and reauthorize again..but iam scared it will do the same thing next time I update my B&N library. Any suggestions on this issue. Thanks for your help.

  55. So I have the purple, 7″, and it comes with the ES File Explorer already on it. In the user guide, it tells how to use it…I have tried to install all versions of kindle, adobe reader, kobo, etc and none of them will install. can anyone tell me why?

  56. i got a 7″ 4gb from qvc for Christmas. I am lost on how to download any apps onto this device. I am just simply lost

  57. I have the white 7″ and having trouble with audio & video.I downloaded an mpeg4 video but cannot fully install it on the video page. It shows a black square that when I click it I can hear the music but no video!

    How can you get your audio or video downloads to transfer to the audio or video pages?
    PLS. HELP. Thanks

  58. On Pandigital website they offer a way to hack this tablet into a full android machine capable of downloading apps. Has anyone done this? Can you go back if you don’t like it?

  59. I have the same problem as Dave. Downloaded an ebook fom the libray and formated so i can’t red thr full page. Help please.

  60. Anyone answer Kally’s question from Jan 1, 2011- Is there any way to read an epub book directly from an SD card – they don’t show up in the library (unless you transfer them to the pd library) and when you go through the es file explorer the book is there but it doesn’t give you an open with …. option that works.

  61. After you download a video how do you make it show on the video page?

  62. I have the 7 inch black older version and I have been able to download games, they say download complete, but I can’t open them or find them anywhere except in the download history. Is this version able to play games and if so what do I do? Please help, thanks!

    • If it’s the older version you may need to go to Pandigital’s website and install a firmware update. Pandigital’s ereaders didn’t used to be open to installing apps.

  63. I had a pandigital earlier and it had a few books in my library… It broka, so I got a new one. But now I can’t figure out how to put my old books onto my new PD… Any advice?

  64. I followed all instructions when doing the latest upgrade but when I hold volume+ & power buttons for 5 seconds my PD turns on showing a progress bar which goes a quarter of the way then stops and an exclamation point inside a triangle with the green android person come on. At this point nothing works and I have to use a pin to reset the machine. When I turn it on the usual way I get the new wallpaper & the new icons.When I click on some of the new icons it says “application not installed”. Please help!

  65. The old User Guide does not apply anymore with the newest upgrade. Has Pandigital issued a new guide?

  66. Help! I tried to download and install the slideme app (SAM) and now when I tap on it my reader screen flashes and it says error report at the top left. What did I do wrong and how can I delete this app now?

  67. Sorry, but I kept reading and found how to delete in another section! This blog is very helpful! But I still can’t figure out how to download games. When I try to do it from the Android Market it just says to sign in under another account because there is no phone. Why does this seem so easy for some people? I am using the 7″ Color 4g from QVC. Thanks!

  68. I have the 7′ white pandigital model. I just recently downloaded the firmware update from the pandigital website. I no longer have the option to read books. ive been working on this for 4 hours. How do i install the old software? If not, how can i reinstall the Ereader back onto the Pandigital?

  69. To Kitty from 2/6/11–I am having the EXACT same problem! I have spent most of the day trying to figure out how to get the apps to work. I did it exactly as the Pandigital site said I should, and I’m so frustrated! Have you figured it out yet? If so, please share, I’m going crazy! Thank you!

  70. To Terri and Kitty,

    I am having the same problem as well. It is very frustrating. Has anyone figured out how to get the new Android upgrade to work?

  71. Is anybody out there?!

  72. NEWS FLASH !!!

    Pandigital has just come out with a new(!) tablet. It’s a black 7″ tablet with exactly the same specs as the white one except that it comes with 2GB internal memory and the Android 2.1 already installed. It’s sold thru QVC & you can download the new user’s guide and more info thru that website.

  73. So I am about to go crazy with my pandigital…I am having horrible problems trying to log in to my B&N account. I go to the B&N icon and go to sign in, but when I sign in it keeps saying it is having problems with my wifi connection, and try again later, but yet I can browse on the internet and do anything else with it. I have been back and forth with both pandigital and with b&n and I am at my wits end. Weird thing is, I can anywhere online, but B&N website will not load…anyways, I have updated the pandigital, I have tried turning the wifi off and on, I have tried several other locations with wifi, with the same problem. I got it to work once, when I changed the time and date, but then I accidentally signed out and when I tried to sign back into my account, it started giving me the same message. Does anyone have any advice?? I have rebooted it, I have cleared data on the B&N under the manage applications field…I just don’t know what to do any more. Any ideas would be appreciated….I am about to return it and get another e-reader, but I would prefer to get this fixed…

  74. There seems to be a new upgrade for Pandigital Novel as of mid-April. Does anybody know anything about this?

  75. Anyone know of a good ap that will allow you to watch downloaded videos or home videos?

  76. Ok, Ok, I have been working with my daughters purple 4gb, pandigital all day and have learned a few things. If you go to Pandigital’s web site and select the update and pick the file (about half way down the list) named: S64N_SLST_OPL5_PD you can upgrade your QVC Novel to the Android. It works much faster and is great.

    Next, if you are having problems logging into BN, then make sure you have the correct date and time (settings) or you will get the internet connection error.

  77. okay, so every time i try to update my b&n library (i downloaded some books) it says “Invalid Password” what does that mean? i signed in my account already soo did i do something wrong

  78. I got a pandigital 7.0 2GB novel given to me with a user name already on. How do I get the user name off?

    • Not sure what you mean by user name. If you mean account then do a factory reset. Should be in the settings menu somewhere.