Quick Updates: Misc Sales, 130 Free Kindle eBooks

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In regards to an earlier post this week about 130 Free eBooks from Kaplan, Amazon is now offering those same 130+ free ebooks for the Kindle and Kindle apps. And the promotion has been extended to January 17th.

Expanding on another post from earlier in the week about post holiday ereader sales, more sales have cropped up during the week.

The Augen eReader is $74.99 at Woot today only. It’s $99 at Amazon. It has its shortcomings but endears itself to some.

The new Cruz Reader T301 with a capacitive touchscreen and Kindle app is on sale at QVC for $186 today only. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it at its regular price of $250, but at that price its more intriguing as long as you don’t want to install a ton of apps (it only seems to install about half the apps I try for some reason).

Sony Reader cases and covers are 25% off at Sony Style until January 15th.

Use code jan7us1 at Kobo to get $1 off these ebooks, up to 3 for a total of $3 off. Expires January 9th.

The last thing, and it’s probably a little late by this point, but you might try calling your local Kohls store to see if they have any of the discounted Pandigital Novels left. They were selling for about $60 for those lucky enough to find some.

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