Sony Reader Pocket (PRS-350) On Sale – $50 Off

Sony Pocket

The 5″ Sony PRS-350 is on sale at Sony Style, Amazon, and other Sony retailers for $129, and is even down to $119 at If you have a trade-in voucher now would be a good time to use it.

Normally it’s a hard decision between the PRS-350 and the larger memory card-equipped PRS-650, but at $100 cheaper than the 650 the choice becomes a lot less difficult.

The Sony Pocket is a good choice for a reading-focused ereader. I hadn’t used mine for a couple of months since I’ve been reviewing so many Android ereaders lately with color LCD screens. I decided the Sony Pocket needed some use and have been reading on it for the past week. Right now I’m reading Full Dark No Stars.

It still amazes me how incredibly small and light the PRS-350 is. And something about the Pearl screen—I can’t explain it—is more pleasant to read on than LCD in my opinion.

On the negative side, it still annoys me how there isn’t another font size between small and medium. I could change that by stripping the DRM and then modifying the font for the ebook with Calibre, but that’s too much work. Regardless of my pet peeve, it’s still a really good ebook reader for $129 and is worth considering. Here’s my review from back in September for more details.

4 Responses to “Sony Reader Pocket (PRS-350) On Sale – $50 Off”

  1. I looked at the pocket reader based on a friend’s recommendation and bought it based on the size, compatibility with library books, and the Pearl screen. Very happy with it. My wish list would include making the background a little lighter, I agree on font size needs, and they should include a charger with the reader.

  2. Thanks – I am looking at buying one myself so your comments are helpful. In New Zealand they are more expensive so looking at buying from US if possible.

  3. Couldn’t find one for $119 as stated on the website from
    Anyone have a link to that price?

    • It’s probably expired by this time. But there’s another good deal for the 350 this week at Best Buy. It’s $129 and comes with a free cover. Same goes for the other ereaders at Best Buy.