A Color eReader for $39.99 – The Sharper Image Literati


There’s a post at MobileRead that points out a clearence sale on the Sharper Image Literati at Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.99.

It isn’t the greatest ereader out there, that’s for sure, just check my review for the details, but a color ereader at that price is pretty hard to pass up.

And it doesn’t stop there. The MobileRead poster was able to get the Sharper Image Literati for a grand total of $12 plus tax using this $20 mail-in rebate form, which expires today, and a 20% off coupon that can be acquired by signing up for their mailing list at BBB.

Even without the rebate, a 20% off coupon takes the total down to $31.99. If you need a spare ereader that supports Adobe DRM for ebooks and free library ebooks it’s worth checking out.

2 Responses to “A Color eReader for $39.99 – The Sharper Image Literati”

  1. argh! Only on US!

  2. The Online sale was HORRIBLE. We ordered the Literati and a case. We received a notice that the eReader and case shipped on 2/8/11. Two days ago, we received a notice that THEY RAN OUT OF STOCK and cancelled our order FOR THE READER ONLY and NOT the case! DUH!!!! We tried to cancel the already shipped order, and it just arrived today (and was sent back.) we haven’t been refunded a dime yet! TERRIBLE!