Aluratek LIBRE 7" Color Touchscreen eReader

Libre Color Touch

It looks like Aluratek has a new color ereader getting set to be released in mid-April, the LIBRE Color Touch, model number AEBK08FB. It’s up for pre-order for $149 on Aluratek’s factory outlet site, but not their main site for some reason.

Unlike Aluratek’s other Libre color ebook reader, this one has a touchscreen and comes with WiFi.

Other features include a 7-inch TFT LCD display, email and web browsing, video and audio playback, 2GB of internal memory, SD card slot for cards up to 16GB, and support for portrait and landscape modes.

For ebooks the Libre Color Touch comes with 100 free public domain titles and supports Adobe DRM and PDF, EPUB, TXT, and FB2 formats.

What’s strange is that Aluratek unveiled a new Libre Air ereader and Android tablet called Cinepad in January an CES. Both were supposed to be released in February but neither has been mentioned nor seen since. Now this Libre Touch surfaces out of nowhere.

Actually the Cinepad is up for pre-order from the same factory outlet site as the Libre Touch. It says early October release. They’ve got to be joking.

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  1. I’m frustrated enough with original Aluratek Libre Color that I would suggest staying away from anything from this company. Many bugs. It crashes frequently. If you are on low power and leave it for a few days, it will not power on and reset your settings. You will lose your current page and bookmarks in the book you are ready.

  2. Have you updated the firmware? V. 2.11 is the current one. I haven’t had any problems with mine whatsoever, except for it not keeping the sleep timer setting on the original factory firmware. The firmware update fixed that.

  3. My preorder for the AEBK08FB was canceled today from the
    factory outlet site. Their phone rep. told me it was because
    the item was “discontinued”.


  4. Aluratek has acknowledged the existence of the Libre Touch on their website now listed at $150. Has a bunch of nice photos of the reader in its different modes, including an on-screen keyboard. Must be running Android, so maybe someone can figure out how to root it. Or better yet, one day one of these manufacturers will figure out that if they unlock these devices they can sell a boatload of them.

  5. Of course, pretty screen displays are no indication of how well the touchscreen will perform, especially if it is resistive and not capacitative. I like the ability to one-hand hold the Libre Color in landscape mode and turn pages without moving my hand from its holding position. (the ultimate in laziness I know 🙂

  6. Sorry for the multiple posts, but uncovered more info:

    The Libre Touch is the Gajah BK7005 reference design. This photo from CES shows the specs. It looks like it will running a Rockchip RK2808 with an ARM9 400MHz processor with 64MB RAM. It will have a resistive touchscreen with 800×480 display and run Android 1.5. Interestingly, battery life is rated at 300 charge cycles, but no indication of run time on a full charge.

    For comparison, here are the specs on the Libre Color, aka the BK7001:

    • Thanks for the updates. Surprised it runs such an old version of Android, most are 2.0 and up.

      Also, thanks for the advice on the images regarding your review of the Libre Color. I just set up lightbox and it works great. Now I can start posting a bunch of photos on my reviews without them taking up a lot of space.

  7. You’re welcome. It makes it a lot nicer for the user, too!

    I’m not surprised it’s only Android 1.5. I think Aluratek is able to price the way they do because they are always a generation behind, hardware-wise. Gajah has a more up-to-date ebook reader, the BK7009, which runs 2.2 (Froyo, if I am not mistaken), but I am sure it is more money to Aluratek and would have to be priced accordingly. I suspect if we wait a year (or 6 months) they will have the new one under their brand, as this new Touch shuffles off into the sunset.

    I’m trying to find some info on the BK7009 and will post it when I do.

  8. Here`s the next gen Gajah BK7009 running Android 2.2. Check out the home screen and interface.

  9. I had the great misfortune of purchasing this as the Kobo Touch I had entended to buy was out of stock. This thing is, quite frankly, a Gawd Awful piece of kit. Buggy, buttons only worked half the time. I was using it primarily as an eReader, and pushing that ‘page turn’ button a few hundred times a day was a real chore. If the button subbornly refused to work, the touch screen was just that much wose.

    To boot, the firmware was riddled with Chinglish. I appreciate that these inexpensive products come from China, but how much does it cost to hire an English proofreader online? Heck, I’d be up for that sort of job.

    The entire experience with this thing was agony.

    I had experience with the Kobo, Kindle and other eInk eReaders previously, and loved them, but I figured I’d try something sort of between an eReader and a Tablet – well, this thing was neither. Just a steaming pile.

    Two days ago I returned it and purchased a Nextbook Next6 tablet/ereader. I’m enjoying it, frankly. Much less buggy than the Aluratek, easier on the eyes, videos arent choppy. Multitouch makes surving the web on it a dream.

    Avoid the Libre Touch at all costs.

    I’ll be considering a colour eInk reader once they drop in price as I am an avid outdoor reader.

  10. I’m also frustrated with this product. The power button doesn’t work, hotlinks to chapters don’t work and the screen is marginal at best. Don’t buy it, if you have it…take it back, fast. It’s a terrible product and should never have gone to the market….ich.

  11. What can I do, my book gets on but stays in the same state it´s like shoked…i need to read a book and it doesn´t finish loading…