ezPDF Reader is Amazon’s Free Android App Today

ezPDF Reader

The marketing department at Amazon is really good. Every single day I find myself checking Amazon’s website to see what the free Android App of the day is.

Today the free app is ezPDF Reader, the first ereading-based app Amazon has given away. It normally costs $0.99 and has 4.1 stars over 17 reviews.

I have not tried this app yet, but will write a review for it soon.

Here are the key features from the product description page:

  • Access your PDF documents wherever you are
  • Use Voice Reading to have documents read to you, available in English and Spanish
  • Select Text Reflow, Fit to Text Column, or Change Reading Direction to ease reading
  • Play embedded video and audio, and access live hyperlinks
  • Copy and paste text in PDF view and bookmark as you go
  • Gain quick snapshots of documents with the thumbnail view
  • Create folders and save all your PDF documents to your ezPDF Reader
  • smart search feature lets you scan an entire document for specific text
  • Night mode (black background, white text)
  • Open password-protected PDFs
  • The ezPDF Reader app requires page Android 2.1 or higher.

ezPDF Reader

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