Free Kindle Books and Cookbooks – Some Expensive Freebies

Amazon has a ton of free ebooks available once again, including several free cookbooks, and a lot of them are quite pricey so they probably won’t stay free for very much longer.

These free ebooks aren’t just for Kindle devices. If you’re reading this that means you’re likely doing so on a computer, tablet, or maybe even a phone—there are free Kindle apps for those too.

Free Kindle Cookbooks

Hungarian Cookbook: Old World Recipes for New World Cooks, Expanded Edition by Yolanda Nagy Fintor – Cooking – 4.5 stars, 14 reviews.

Low-fat and more readily available ingredients are included in these 125 Hungarian recipes, which include classics such as “Chicken Paprika” and “Hungarian Goulash” as well as “Bean With Sausage Soup”, “Walnut Torte”, and “Dilled Cottage Cheese Cake”. Special foods for ceremonies are also included.

A Taste of Haiti by Mirta Yurnet-Thomas and Jay H. Moskowitz – Cooking – 4.5 stars, 29 reviews.

This cookbook offers over 100 Haitian recipes, including traditional holiday foods and the author’s favourite drinks and desserts. Information on Haiti’s history, holidays and celebrations, necessary food staples, and cooking methods will guide the home chef on a culinary adventure to this beautiful island. Recipe titles are given in English, Creole, and French.

Aprovecho: A Mexican-American Border Cookbook by Robert Cordell and Teresa Cordero-Cordell – Cooking – 4 stars, 4 reviews.

Taste of Romania: Its Cookery and Glimpses of Its History, Folklore, Art, Literature, and Poetry by Nicolae Klepper – Cooking – 4 stars, 15 reviews.

Providing a taste of both Old World and modern Romanian culture, this book combines more than 140 traditional recipes with examples of Romania’s folklore, humour, art, poetry and proverbs. Included are many classic recipes such as mamaliga, a polenta-style cornmeal and fish zacusca.

The Kerala Kitchen: Recipes and Recollections from the Syrian Christians of South India (Hippocrene Cookbook Library) by Latha George Pottenkulam and Lathika George – Cooking – 5 stars, 4 reviews.

Brazil: A Culinary Journey (Hippocrene Cookbook Library) by Cherie Hamilton – Cooking – 3.5 stars, 5 reviews.

Free Kindle Books

Surrender the Heart by MaryLu Tyndall – Historical Romance – 4.5 stars, 52 reviews.

Gods and Kings by Lynn Austin – Religious Fiction – 5 stars, 31 reviews.

Prayers of Agnes Sparrow by Joyce Magnin – Fiction – 4 stars, 24 reviews.

No longer able or willing to leave her home, Agnes Sparrow has committed herself to a life of prayer — prayer that has resulted in numerous miracles, both large and garden variety, including a prize-winning pumpkin. The residents of quirky Bright’s Pond, Pennsylvania, plan to erect a sign on the interstate in her honor, but Agnes wants no part of it. Then a stranger comes to call asking for his miracle, and the town is turned on its head.

Ben Hogan’s Magical Device: The Real Secret to Hogan’s Swing Finally Revealed by Sean Connery and Ted Hunt – Golf – 4 stars, 18 reviews.

How to Read Maya Hieroglyphs by John Montgomery – Language Guides – 4.5 stars, 5 reviews.

This comprehensive guide to deciphering Maya hieroglyphs contains a complete outline of the writing, presenting individual signs and their meanings, the script’s grammatical structure and content, and explanations of the sophisticated Maya calendrical and mathematical systems.

Sasha (A Trial of Blood and Steel, Book I) by Joel Shepherd – Fantasy – 3.5 stars, 7 reviews.

Paris: An Illustrated History by Elaine Mokhtefi – History – 3.5 stars, 3 reviews.

Ancient Rome in So Many Words by Christopher Francese – History – 5 stars, 3 reviews.

Intelligence Was My Line: Inside Eisenhower’s Other Command by Ralph W. Hauenstein and Donald E. Markle – Biographies & Memoirs – 4.5 stars, 3 reviews.

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght by Cathryn Cade – Romance – 3.5 stars, 7 reviews.

Soccer Dad: A Father, a Son, and a Magic Season by W. D. Wetherell – Biographies & Memoirs – 5 stars, 4 reviews.

Miracle at Merion by David Barrett – Golf – 4 stars, 6 reviews.

Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories by Alex Belth – Baseball – 5 stars, 1 review.

The Schmoldenese Falcon by John Northern – Science Fiction – 5 stars, 1 review.

Chasing Eden (Eden Thrillers) by B.K. Sherer and Sharon Linnea – Mystery & Thrillers – 5 stars, 2 reviews.

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