New Firmware Update for the PocketBook IQ

Pocketbook IQ Update

PocketBook has released a firmware update, version 2.1.1, for the PocketBook IQ Android ereader.

The update is available for download from the PocketBook IQ support page. Make sure to backup your apps and ebooks first and to read the upgrade manual because it says that you must have firmware version 2.0.6 installed before attempting the update, among other things.

Basically all you have to do is download the update, transfer it to an SD card as is, then stick it into a turned-off PocketBook IQ. Then hold the volume+ button and power button together until the device turns on. That’s it. The update will boot automatically and the IQ will restart.

Visually a lot has changed with this update. The homescreen and app icons are totally different, along with the continue reading widget. It looks much better, and the homescreen is now a proper Android homescreen, not PocketBook’s version. They’ve also added support for Adobe DRM. Unfortunately the IQ is still running Eclair, not Android 2.2, so there’s still no Flash support.

Here are the release notes (pdf):

PocketBook IQ 701 Release Notes Firmware version 2.1.1


1. System video player. Next video formats are supported recently:
a. .3gp (H.263, MPEG-4 SP codecs)
b. .mp4 (H.263, MPEG-4 SP, H.264 AVC (Baseline Profile (BP) codecs)
2. Yandex applications set (CIS firmware only):
a. Money
b. Mail
c. Electric Trains Schedule
d. Photos
e. Weather

1. Adobe Reader for e-books of .pdf and .epub formats
2. ‘Reflow’ and ‘Go to page’ for Adobe Reader
3. Protected books (DRM) download support
4. Text-to-Speech (TTS) volume adjusting using device hardware buttons (‘Volume +/-‘ on the side panel)

1. New Home Screen
2. New shortcuts
a. Manual
b. Bookland
c. Licenses
d. Ebooks Shop (EU firmware only)
3. Extended wallpaper collection
4. New widgets
a. Continue Reading
b. Yandex.Weather (CIS firmware only)

1. Option ‘Search’ in Settings
2. Applications ‘DevTools’ and ‘Spare Parts’
3. Displaying system and hidden folders

1. Shortcuts: ‘Email’, ‘Gallery’, ‘Notes’, ‘Books’, ‘Settings’, ‘Dictionary’, ‘Registration’
2. Browser homepage:
3. Default library view: bookshelves
4. Free external card memory for applications information: Settings > SD card & Memory

1. Extended and fixed next localizations: 中文, Қазақша, Nederlands, العربية , Deutsch, Португальский, Polski, Français, Italiano, Spanish.
2. TTS playback errors when display orientation changed
3. Increased power consumption after synchronization in sleep mode (so called ‘Night awakening’).

2 Responses to “New Firmware Update for the PocketBook IQ”

  1. Has anyone managed to root this version to install Android Market and have applications on the SD card?

  2. Hello. How to update this e-reader?