Review: Pandigital Nova Android Tablet with B&N eBooks

Pandigital Nova Review

Here’s the link to the Pandigital Nova Review, which includes a ten minute video showing the Nova in action.

The Pandigital Nova is one of four new tablets from Pandigital, and seems to be sold exclusively from Best Buy at this point. There’s also the Pandigital Planet that sells from various retailers. It is very similar to the Nova; I’ll be posting a review for it next week, then a comparison between it and the Nova. Also, I plan on posting a tutorial for installing the Android Market, so stay tuned for more details.

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7 Responses to “Review: Pandigital Nova Android Tablet with B&N eBooks”

  1. hey nathan,

    So I know you said it deosn’t compare well with a nook color, but also it has way more features so if you had a choice wich would you pick if you wanted it for half games and half books?

    • It kind of depends on what features are the most important. I never use cameras on a tablet so those don’t really add anything for me. The HDMI port is a pretty big plus from my perspective. But if I wanted a device for games and reading specifically, I’d go with a Nook Color because the screen quality is a lot better and it seems to be a little faster for games even though they both have 800MHz processors. To be more specific, not a stock Nook Color, a Nook Color with CM7. Plus I would pick up a refurbished unit because they are down to $179 now, the same as the Nova.

  2. thanks but the differences between the screens, are they really that noticeable?

    • Yeah, it’s not just the resolution that makes a difference, the Nook has a higher quality screen all around with more colors, better outdoor viewing, and touch responsiveness.

  3. I got the Pandigital Nova based on your Review. Love it Love it

    Waiting for your Market Access Video

  4. I am having a problem with my new Nova. I have downloaded the Kindle app and the Amazon App store and now I am getting the message that the internal memory is low. Could this be a glitch in the program or is there something else running that is using up my memory? I need some help.


    • That’s a standard thing with android. Go to setting, then manage apps, then select some of the larger apps and select move to sd card. That’ll free some more internal memory.