New Sony Reader PRS-T1 Specs and Pictures Revealed!

Sony Reader PRS-T1

Someone over at MobileRead happened across a listing of the new Sony Reader PRS-T1 on a Dutch retail website, complete with pictures and specs.

Not surprisingly, the PRS-T1 features a 6 inch E Ink Pearl display, very much like the Sony PRS-650. The screen supports 16 levels of gray and packs a resolution of 800 x 600.

As you can see from the pictures, it looks a lot like Sony’s current ereaders, but has a curved edge on the bottom. Another change, it is made from plastic instead of aluminum, which helps reduce the weight down to just under 6 ounces (168 grams); the PRS-650 weighs over 1.5 ounces more. It also looks thinner, but no dimensions are given.

Other changes include the addition of WiFi (no surprise there) and a multi-touch screen for pinch zooming and other functions. I imagine it uses the same infrared touchscreen technology from Neonode as the previous models did since Neonode’s technology supports multi-touch, the other Readers just weren’t setup for it. And since it has WiFi, you can count on some sort of web browser too, since the PRS-950 has a basic browser already.

When it comes to memory, the PRS-T1 comes with 2GB internal, plus it has a microSD card slot (it looks like they’ve dropped the full size SD card slot).

Other features mentioned include 12 built-in dictionaries and Wikipedia and Google search. For the most part, it looks like it is going to be 90% the same as the PRS-650. WiFi, obviously, is the main addition. And it certainly appears as if the Android rumors were indeed false (Update: It does run Android).

Now for the not so good news. The listing mentions the usual features, which includes changing the font size, adding notes with a stylus, highlights, etc. But there is no mention of changing font type or adjusting the margins and line spacing—features that Sony’s Readers have always lacked, although you can add more fonts and adjust layout manually for DRM-free ebooks using Calibre.

Well, it’s good to see the new Sony Reader PRS-T1 actually exists. More details to come. Make sure to subscribe to keep updated.

Sony Reader PRS-T1


12 Responses to “New Sony Reader PRS-T1 Specs and Pictures Revealed!”

  1. For me, wifi is nice for subscriptions that have daily or weekly delivery, but that aside, without a free email account similar to the Kindle that allows readers to send their own documents, I can do just fine without it. Of course I can see why some people want it if they like to browse their personal book collection on their home computer using Calibre’s Content Server.

    One thing I don’t care for is that I need to use a swiping action to turn pages. I would like to be able to do a simple tap on the left or right side of the screen.

    • I totally agree about sending ebooks and documents over WiFi; I hate using USB cables. That’s one of the best features with the Kindle. Hopefully at least the new Sony will be able to download ebooks attached to emails, since it will likely have a basic web browser, but the PRS-950 won’t download ebooks—not a good omen.

  2. I had hopes for an e-mail client… :((

  3. Personally, I’ve found it more productive to download via my pc/USB cable since I process my ebooks through Calibre so they are backed up in one central repository. The two memory card slots are quite useful since I use both an SD and Sony memory card micro-SD card adapters so I can use micro-sd cards in either slot for a total of 64GB onboard storage. I wonder if they will do another 7 inch screen? The extra inch does make a big difference and the reader is the same size as the Kindle.

    Sorry to disagree with both of you about the over the air download, but it’s not as productive for me.

  4. I guess I don’t see the problem with using a USB cable, I do it all the time with both my Nook and Sony readers and both have WiFi. I mean, sooner or later one has to use it to charge the reader anyway, so what’s the big deal about using it to load books on the device.

    I like having the WiFi option, for those rare instances where I might want to use the web browser, but realistically, I don’t use it much.

    It will make me sad if they stop doing the 7″ screen though, as I agree, it makes a huge difference. I have no intentions of parting with my 950.

    I’m wondering if the new Sony will also have the latest version of ADE, with the hyphenation.

  5. Actually what I find productive with the Wifi on the 950 is the ability to quickly look up static content on the web. I can quickly check email and also the Twitter is excellent and I can send tweets. The other web application I use is With the 950 web browser works I’m able to basically go “paperless” with using the web site and generate shopping lists and reference receipes while cooking directly from the web site. The 7 inch screen is a whole lot more productive than a smart phone screen.

    I’m sort of surprised with my experience since I thought the idea of downloading books to the reader would be the “killer app” and for me it’s not.

  6. Nathan, please check out the various pictures on the Sony PRS-T1. The on-screen user interface appears to have some differences between the pictures. Check the third view picture, which you don’t have posted here. The page numbers are displayed in a different way.

    What do you make of that?

    Do you think these pics are real or mock ups?

    • I would say that these pics are definitely mock ups. You can’t read too much into what you see. The same kind of thing happened with last year’s models, the way the text was shown formatted wasn’t accurate, nor the homescreen. They are probably simulated.

  7. You said the Android rumors were false, but the homes, back, and menu buttons are all identical to what Android uses. Wouldn’t that be telling?

    • Perhaps, perhaps not. All of Sony’s recent ereaders have five buttons very similar to those. I just find it very unlikely that Sony would ditch their own ereader software that they’ve been developing and improving on with each generation of Sony Readers since they started making them. Plus there’s no mention of Android in the description and I would think that that would be a selling point. But if it did have Android, that would be awesome. My rooted Nook Touch is pretty sweet but it lacks audio. And the PRS-T1 looks like it has a headphone jack on the bottom.

  8. Have they learned anything about competitive price points yet, I wonder?

  9. I could do without WIFI; but I’d love a firmware upgrade (for the PRS-650) that would better process PDF files and allow a choice of fonts in other formats. Until then the Sony is slightly less than the perfect solution.