Nook Color 2 to be Released in September?

Nook Color

According to an article at Digitimes, Barnes and Noble is getting set to release a Nook Color 2 in September, and it will have a 7-inch touchscreen like the first.

This is based on the fact that Barnes and Noble has ordered parts for a new Nook Color. Here’s a quote from the article that explains more:

TPK Holding will supply touch panels used in the e-bok reader, while Inventec will be responsible for the assembly, the sources said. Pegatron is also said to have received orders for Nook Color 2. It is reported that Inventec and Pegatron would be able to supply two to three million units of Nook Color 2 by the end of 2011.

A new Nook Color in 2011 makes a lot of sense, and as I’ve said before, I think it is something that Barnes and Noble needs to do to compete with the likes of the upcoming Amazon tablet, which is also expected to be a 7″ Android tablet, at least according to other rumors Digitimes reported on.

But then again there’s this one sentence from the article that makes no sense, and makes you wonder if Digitimes has any idea what they are talking about, “E Ink will continue to supply e-paper backplanes for Nook Color 2, according to the sources.”

The Nook Color doesn’t use an E Ink backplane, never has and never will. That’s what the monochrome Nook Touch uses. The Nook Color uses an LCD screen. Now if they could find a way to stick an E Ink screen behind a color LCD panel, that would be something new, but that’s just a pipe dream.

Anyway, if the rumor is indeed true, Barnes and Noble will make an announcement within the next few weeks. Subscribe to keep updated.

13 Responses to “Nook Color 2 to be Released in September?”

  1. What if it’s a color e-ink? That would somethin’

    • That would be something, but color E Ink probably wouldn’t go over very well yet unless they’ve somehow perfected the dull color issues. I hope we get something like that soon though; we really need a good energy efficient color display technology like E Ink.

  2. It was wishful thinking, I don’t really expect that. I only hope that they keep it highly hack-able, that was one of the key ingredients in the first iteration’s success.
    However, there’s gonna a lot of heat on tablet market this fall / winter, which is good, very good…

  3. And the Amazon tablet is to be released in November…

    If the Nook is as open as the touch version, then I would go for it. If not maybe the one of the new and cheap viewsonics…

  4. Nook e-Ink Color: could this be it? I’m referring Nathan to a very interesting “20 Minute Interview with Vice President of E Ink Reveals Interesting Details” you posted just yesterday 9/6:

    • It’s not very likely. I really want a color E Ink ereader, especially after watching that video, but the market would most likely prefer brighter, faster LCD screens. Color E Ink has actually been out for like a year now, and still no one is using them. It’s not going to work for video and apps and such from B&N’s Android appstore, so it’s not very likely for the Nook Color 2.

  5. That’s too bad because I’d like that too.
    E-ink color tablets could be a very good learning tool and to some extend replace some school books and also be a more affordable tool for under-privileged schools and people. It’s difficult to replace books in some instances such as doing research with several books opened at a time, but it could be such a tremendous help.
    I’m still hoping this day is not too far from now 🙂

  6. Nathan,

    I just looked at the full specifications to the Ectaco and the real shocker is the screen resolution of 1600 by 1200 pixels. If this is true then you’ll be able to read two 8 1/2″ by 11″ pages side by side in landscape. My Thinkpad screen has this resolution. This could be a big break through for true electronic readers being able to read content larger than paperback or 6 x 9 inch size.

    • I’ve been doing some research on the JetBook Color and I’ve found that the Triton displays have 1600 x 1200 dpi but 800 x 600 ppi.

  7. Any news on B&N front?
    Kindle Fire is kind of a let down for me…