The Best eBook Readers for Less Than $100


Here’s a list of the best ebook readers that can be had for under $100. A couple of these are refurbished units where noted, but most of them are brand new.

This list consists of dedicated ebook readers only, no tablets. I’ll put together a separate post for low-cost tablets in the near future.

Kindle Touch – $99: Although not released just yet, the Kindle Touch with Special Offers is likely the best ebook reader under $100, given the features and Amazon’s approach. The non-ad version costs $40 more, however.

Nook Touch (refurbished) – $79: A top choice, a pre-owned Nook Touch is $60 less than a brand new Nook and comes with the same warranty. The Nook Touch also serves as a pretty good E Ink tablet once hacked.

Kindle 4 – $79: The Kindle 4 is Amazon’s basic ebook reader. The $79 price includes ads and special offers. The non-ad version and international version costs $30 more.

Kindle Keyboard – $99: Amazon still makes and sells the Kindle 3 for those that want an ereader with a physical keyboard. The non-ad version costs $40 more.

Sony PRS-350 (refurbished) – $69: The PRS-350 is Sony’s 5″ touchscreen ebook reader from last year. This is a sale price that won’t stay this low for long. The regular price for the refurbished 350 is $152.

Kobo Wi-Fi (refurbished) – $59: Best Buy still has some Kobo Wi-Fi refurbs available online from their outlet center. New Kobo Wi-Fi’s sell for $99. This is a good basic ebook reader for EPUBs.

Aluratek Libre – $69: The Libre is a 5″ ebook reader with a monochrome LCD screen. This is a typical price for this type of device so you may be able to find it for even less.

Libre Color – $99: The Libre Color is a basic color ebook reader that can also play videos and music. It has a 7″ screen with a resolution of 800 x 480.

Ematic EB101 – $83: The Ematic ereader is another basic color ebook reader with a 7″ screen.

Skytex Primer – $79: The Skytex Primer is a 7″ color ereader and media player from last year. In addition to ebooks, it supports audio and video files, plus it has an FM radio.

9 Responses to “The Best eBook Readers for Less Than $100”

  1. Your Prices for offer-free Kindles need adjusting. They’re not all $30 higher.
    Interesting list, nonetheless.

  2. The info on the Kindle/$99 says you can borrow Kindle library books. So does that mean you can only borrow books available on the Kindle and not all library ebooks? I hope that sentence made sense 🙂

  3. I have decided to unload my Kindle Keyboard and get either the $79 or $99 with ads models.

    One thing I noted toady when comparing the product pages is reference to an “X-ray” feature. Apparently not available on the $79 model.

    It is a tough choice. I prefer clicking buttons to turn pages, but maybe the audio capability, more games support, and X-ray feature makes the touch model a better choice.

    • I know what you mean. I wish the Touch model had buttons on the sides like the Kindle 4. Touch is nice for all the navigating and on-screen features, but buttons are nice for turning pages, and I really like the Kindle 4’s buttons.

  4. Not to beat a dead horse but Nook Touch is even cheaper than $79 with coupon codes at (e.g., 210574 for 7% off) I believe.
    Given the functionality, root options and price – truly a top choice as Nathan points out.

  5. Along with the reduced nook touch price (nice find Lev) the sony store is having a sale of refurbished prs 350s. After adding to cart, the price is reduced to $69.99. Or $74.19 after tax. If you’re in the market for a 5 inch reader, it’s a great deal. Ends November 5, or whenever the units run out.

  6. Has anyone tried the Ematic Twig as an ebook reader?