Nook Color Getting $199 Price, Hulu Plus, and More Streaming Music

$199 Nook Color

Amid a whirlwind of leaked documents, it looks like Barnes and Noble intends to keep selling the Nook Color even though they are releasing a new Nook Tablet on November 16th.

The Nook Color will be getting a $50 price drop down to $199, making it the same price as the Kobo Vox and Kindle Fire. It will also be getting a firmware update, version 1.4, that adds some tantalizing new features.

One of the best new features is the addition of Hulu Plus for access to hundreds of television programs and movies. There’s no mention of NetFlix, however. That looks to be exclusive to the Nook Tablet. (The Nook Color runs NetFlix with ROMs and rooted.)

Barnes and Noble is going to add more options for music for the Nook Color through Rhapsody, MOG, and Grooveshark, complete with free trials. And Pandora is included like always.

More Nook Color apps are on the way too. Currently there are 1026 apps in the Nook Color appstore; the leaked document says “thousands”, so hopefully that’s a sign of good things to come.

More details to come next week at B&N’s Nook announcement. Subscribe to keep updated!


5 Responses to “Nook Color Getting $199 Price, Hulu Plus, and More Streaming Music”

  1. Makes me think we will see another price drop in the refurbished Nook Color. I wonder if $100 could be around the corner.

  2. Does the Hulu Plus access come free or do you have to subscribe? It’s normally $7.99 per month, I believe…

    • It’ll probably come with a free trial but I doubt the subscription will be free. They’ll put the Hulu Plus Android app on it and advertise it against Amazon’s video streaming for the Kindle Fire, which requires a subscription to Amazon Prime.

  3. I have said it before….You cant beat a “Refurbished” (yes even better if it drops to $100 or less) NC w/rooted N2A chip for $40 bucks. If all u need is a E-reader with a host of goodies, w/internet access, Goog apps, flash, netflix, music apps,great screen res, 32G micro…The new dual processor is great, but it will not make me buy the “Tablet”. (What happened to the user accessable battery ???)

  4. I’m tempted to get the NC but I read A LOT! 🙂 and my eyes do get tired reading on my computer monitor. That’s why I’m reluctant to get one. But I could get one and try it out and return it if reading on one becomes a problem.