How to Unroot Nook Touch to Restore it to Original Firmware

Nook Touch

Below you will find directions on how to unroot and restore the Nook Touch back to stock with the original 1.0.0 firmware.

You can use this method to fix your Nook Touch if something goes wrong during the rooting process, or if you just want your Nook back to normal, or if you want to install new firmware updates.

B&N is expected to launch new firmware for the Nook Touch soon, hopefully today, that adds new features, so you have to unroot the Nook to install them and then re-root afterwards. I was able to install the firmware update from a while back, version 1.0.1, without any problems after restoring my Nook, confirming that this method does indeed work.

First off, I rooted my Nook Touch using the Touchnooter method outlined on the Nook Touch rooting guide. I don’t think it matters what method you used, you just have to trigger a Factory Restore. I didn’t make a backup of my Nook before rooting it. If you did, just use that instead.

To restore the Nook Touch, I followed these directions at XDA since I never made a backup. But not everything worked like it says over there. I followed the directions like they are written to restore my Nook, but the first two times I tried it nothing changed. So I decided to try resetting the Nook before restoring it and that worked like a charm. So this is what I did:

0. If you want to save your installed apps and the state of your rooted Nook Touch, use a backup tool before proceeding. Something like Titanium Backup.

1. Hit the Nook’s “n” button, tap settings, then device info, then select to erase and deregister device. This will reset it and it will eventually re-start and go to the initial startup screen. Don’t bother setting it up at this point, just hold the power button to turn it off instead (power it off, not standby).

2. Download the nookRestore.img and write it to a microSD card. If you rooted using the Touchnooter method you already know how to do this. For Windows, use WinImage to write the image to the memory card. For Mac and Linux use “dd”.

With WinImage, open as Administrator, then go to Disk, then “Restore Virtual Hard Disk on Physical Drive”. Hit okay and then choose the nookRestore image (I had to select show all files to get it to appear since it uses .vhd by default).

3. Now put the SD card into the powered-off Nook and turn it on. Just follow the on-screen directions and your Nook Touch should be good to go, back to the original, unrooted 1.0.0 firmware.

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  1. Thank you! I have been looking everywhere for this information on Nook. Links are very useful.

  2. I ordered a BN Touch refurbished for $79 12 days ago which was a great deal. Since that time BN has released the new firmware AND lowered the price to $99. And I still havent received it! How did my 3-6 day shipping turn into this? Can I return this to BN store? I am so ticked at B&N at this point.

  3. Nathan: thanks for this info. I’m a bit perplexed, however, since there are gobs of posts at XDA over the last 6-7 months about the absolute necessity of having done a backup of one’s Touch before rooting in case of the need to restore. Are you saying that an original backup of the Touch isn’t necessary and that one can use a sort of generic image?

    I’m been sort of waiting in a sense of anticipation/dread about a new update because I read of several nightmare scenarios by some folks who rooted at 1.0.0, then after having the 1.0.1 update pushed to their Nook, ended up with a semi-bricked device.

    I’m really paranoid now since I *did* make a backup image of my Nook before rooting per XDA instructions. I then allowed the update to 1.0.1 to occur. Then, as stupidly as possible, I decided to get fancy and do a backup of the 1.0.1 image and *overwrote* the 1.0.0 image. I’ve been wondering if the latter image is even useful.

    Anyway, thanks for the update. I’d love to know if the method you prescribe works on all NST’s!

    • Yeah, XDA is good and all but trying to follow what those guys are talking about sometimes isn’t easy. All I know is that this worked on my Nook since I never made a backup. I just successfully installed 1.1.0 and am experimenting with it right now. I never could get the 1.0.1 update to install on my rooted Nook having used the Touchnooter method. I’ll try re-rooting with the new firmware using Touchnooter and see what happens.

  4. So, it looks like I’m going to need a dedicated data microSDHC and a work microSDHC to do any kind of “playing” when I do finally break down and get one. Which, if I don’t get one for Christmas, will be shortly thereafter.

  5. Nathan:

    Thanks for the reply. Can’t wait to hear what you think about the 1.1.0 update (and then a re-root). You’re always so thorough about all this stuff that I’m always paying rapt attention. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Nathan,

    Worked like a charm. Thanks for ALL your information. I love this site. Updated to 1.1.0 Noticed improved contrast and clarity of fonts. Page turning is speedier. Thanks again.

  7. Hi Nathan, I have been following you on youtube and also on this site for a week now, and confident and excited at your thorough rooting instructions, I went ahead and picked up a Nook Touch a couple days ago. It turns out that my original factory setting is firmware 1.0.1, not 1.0.0. This means I should not attempt your rooting method, correct? Right now, I am running 1.1.0, and I def am not rooting it! Please let us avid followers know how your rooting experience goes with the firmware 1.1.0. Appreciate this site a ton.

  8. I have write the mSD card, inserted and power on.
    After Rooted forever screen,
    at nook barnes & noble, i am facing an infinite loading…….
    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!

  9. my rooted 1.1.0 still booted up rooted 🙁
    is the “rooting-hack” gone after i updated to 1.1.0 ?

    thank you.

  10. I got Nook Simple Touch device. I tried to make rooted. However, after inserting the SD card loading phase of the device remained in nook. And can I turn off the device. Just hold down the turn off. What should I do? HEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP…
    Help ME….

  11. I was looking to unroot my nook before returning it for replacement (battery won’t charge).

    Can i just click the “erase and deregister” without writing the backup to it after? (although I do have a backup)

    What does the backup restore? books? shelves and highlights? Is it necessary to complete the unrooting process/restore the nook to a useable state?

    Thank you

  12. The above instructions say to “erase and deregister” first, then restore. Which order is it?

    Is this the simplest way to get it to a returnable state or is there some sort of factory reset that would do the trick?

    thanks a lot for the help

  13. Thanks a lot, everything worked perfectly!

  14. I also rooted my nook simple touch without keeping a backup but I can’t download the nookRestore.img through Does anyone know of an alternate download link?

    On backup I thought I’d have a brick. I hade the message “error writing at at sector 0″, save me backup on windows XP.
    Use NookManager: Features: Root your nookBackup, RestoreRestore to factory, settingsDisable B & N. AppsCustom plugins

  16. Thanks man this tutorial really saved my ass.

  17. Eduardo Patricio June 17, 2015 at 11:12 am

    I love you, man!!