Nook Black Friday Sale: Limited Edition Nook Touch for $79

Nook Black Friday

Barnes and Noble have a special limited edition Nook Touch deal for Black Friday.

For those brave enough to visit a Barnes and Noble retail store on Black Friday, you can get a Nook Touch for $79 while supplies last. That’s $20 off the regular price.

Oh, but there’s more. This isn’t the regular run-of-the-mill Nook Touch. It is a special limited edition Nook. From the looks of the picture and the rumors floating around, this Nook Touch has a white back instead of black, and goes by the moniker “Nook Cream”.

If you look closely at the picture you can see the white border. Personally I don’t think I would like that. All black looks better. I like my Nook without any cream or sweetener. But to each their own.

If you happen to get lucky and nab a Nook Cream on Friday, let us know what you think.

If you miss this deal or don’t want to endure the madness of Black Friday, you can always get a refurbished Nook Touch for $79. I picked one up recently and if it wasn’t for the pre-owned sticker on the box I would never have known the difference.

P.S. If you hurry, Target is giving out $30 gift cards with the purchase of a Nook Touch in-store for $99 or a Nook Color for $199. This deal ends tonight at midnight!

8 Responses to “Nook Black Friday Sale: Limited Edition Nook Touch for $79”

  1. I think the white looks really cool. I would love to have a white back on my nook. But even more i would like another FRIKKING update. They should update more often than after 5 months.

  2. I’d skip on the white back myself … I had the classic Nook WiFi with the white back, and it got stained badly by my leather cover. I eventually replaced the back with a gray back and had no further problems. White backs are also just going to show dirt more easily.

  3. I just got the Nook “Cream” on sale for $79 at B&N. UPDATE: The back isn’t white, it’s just a strip of white around the frame. I am looking forward to comparing the new Best-Test E Ink screen with the new Kindle Touch screen. Which device will have the better text contrast? I am betting on the Nook. My KT screen is terribly gray. Now all I have to do is figure out how to root my Nook, and I may sell the KT or hand it off as a gift.

  4. I bought the special edition Nook this morning. Store opened at 9:00 and there was NO Black Friday jam, and there was no shortage of Nooks. BN did not have any special edition Nooks on display, and the sales person’s description made me think the entire bezel would be white, which I thought would start to show dirt rather quickly. I was relieved to see only a thin white margin of hard plastic when I opened the box; it looks nice. The forward and back buttons are harder to press than I expected. I am inclined root it, but, really, what use is that on this hardware?

  5. When you root your nook you can download apps from the Android market…like the Kindle app! You can read both your Kindle library and nook library on one device. That’s the benefit for me and any other eReader enthusiast who has by now gone through five or six different readers in an attempt to find the perfect one for their tastes. I myself have owned a nook, Sony Reader, and Kindle, partly because I like collecting them, and partly because I was looking for the best reader. So it is nice to have the ability to read across different platforms, something that DRM gets in the way of.

  6. I agree. That’s why I purchased a Pocketbook Iq last year for Xmas……………..being able to read anything out there is what sold me on it. And that was thanks to Nathans very complete tests and review.
    The Market doesn’t mean much to me. It’s being able to read what I want and get online as well as my email.

  7. Thanks Nathan for your very informative and helpful web site and tutorials.

    I bought a Nook Simple Touch yesterday at my local B&N store. It was $79, but has the black trim rather than the white, not that it matters from a functional standpoint. The clerk told me I got the next to the last unit they had in stock (this was about 4:30 P.M.). I checked the box and the NT, itself, to see if there were any indications of it being a refurbished unit; it appears to be new. Now, if I could just get my computer to recognize it as a portable device. Windows 7 tries to install a driver, and then hangs with NOOK showing as “Other Device” in the device manager.

    By the way, I ordered a refurbished Nook Color for $119 yesterday from the B&N outlet on eBay, and am thinking about returning the NT after I’ve had a chance to compare the two. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the NT, but it hasn’t yet made much of an impression. I’ll give it a week or ten days, though. In the meantime, I may try rooting the NT. Is there a preferred brand, speed and capacity of SD chip to use for this?