Cyber Monday Coupon Codes for eBooks at Kobo, Up to 60% Off

35% off Kobo ebooks

Kobo Books is having a big Cyber Monday ebook sale today, offering four different sets of coupon codes each valid for a specific list of ebooks.

Here is the link to the Cyber Monday sale page at Kobo with the different codes and lists and disclaimers. Basically, it goes like this…

Kobo Cyber Monday Codes

Get 60% off titles on this list of nearly 1,000 ebooks from Open Road Media with discount code OpenRoad60.

Get 50% off this list of popular authors & bestsellers ebooks with coupon code Cyber50.

Get 30% off ebooks from Kobo from this list of hot reads & great series with discount code Cyber30.

Get 20% off some of this year’s favorite ebooks with coupon code, you guessed it, Cyber20.

Kobo Touch

Kobo is also plugging their new ad-supported Kobo Touch with Offers for $99. But nuts to that. is selling it for just $69 with free shipping. Or you can get the regular Kobo Touch on sale from Best Buy for $99 without the advertisements.

More Kobo Codes

Here are some older discount codes for ebooks from Kobo that should still work for non-agency ebooks:

$1 off – Kobodollaroff
20% off – June20off
35% off – FirstRead (new customers)

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  1. Timely updates → that’s why this is THE best e-reader website!
    Keep it up Nathan!

  2. Thank you, much appreciated. 🙂

  3. But seriously Nathan, this is my FAVORITE blog as of late. Your YouTube reviews and advance information are priceless. Thanks for all that you do.