Sony Issues Firmware Update For Sony Reader PRS-T1

Sony PRS-T1

Sony has issued a firmware update for the Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader. The update is supposed to fix some bugs like the freezing and random page flipping issues that some users are experiencing (not me, luckily).

In order to install the update, you need to connect your Sony Reader to your computer with the USB cable and then launch the Sony Desktop software. If it doesn’t prompt to install the new firmware automatically, hit the help button then “check for updates”.

If you don’t have or don’t want to install the Sony desktop software, you can download the update file and install the update manually. The directions and download are currently only available on the UK Sony site. The US Sony site is showing an older firmware update from a couple of weeks ago (the date is wrong, btw, unless there’s been some kind of time warp no one is telling me about), but they should be adding the newer file soon.

It’s strange that Sony doesn’t provide their firmware updates over the air like other ereader companies. Unless you follow a blog like this, how does Sony expect users to find out about the new updates? Most people don’t use the Sony desktop software, and for good reason: it stinks!

The firmware update is quite large at 103.8 MB. Here’s the change-log that Sony gives:

This update is applicable for PRS-T1 ( to address the following issues:

– Improved touch panel functionality
– Improved stability when searching the dictionary
– An Internet connectivity problem which only appears under certain conditions is fixed.
– Improved DRM contents compatibility

So, did the update fix the issues you were experiencing? I wasn’t having any problems so everything seems the same to me.

20 Responses to “Sony Issues Firmware Update For Sony Reader PRS-T1”

  1. It happened to me with the initial firmware. However, it seems that abnormal behavior was triggered by a combination of epub’s attributes and touch input. I had this issue with only one book, within a certain chapter.
    Some reported that they cannot download certain epubs, probably the same attributes problem.

  2. Yep, the “freezing” is a big issue with this reader. It happens quite a lot, particularly if you use the reader for many hours (I do).
    In my case, I’ve noticed that if you use the dictionaries and the connection to Wikipedia frequently (I do), the touch screen freezes and there is no way to get out of it (not even the Reset works).
    I thought it was a software problem (a processor to slow).
    I hope this update fixes the problem.

  3. I have had this issue of freezing a few times and page flip twice. Will wait and see if it happens more often before installing the update.

  4. Just a curiosity: is the highlighting feature in the WiFi faster than the 650’s? I owned the latter and it used to get much slower highlight after highlight.

  5. Any way for Linux users to update w/o running to “fake” Windows or a Windows friend?

  6. Thanks for the information. Certainly, the policies of Sony for keeping informed people are very poor.

  7. I haven’t had any issue like freezing and flipping but the device’s response time is very slow (with a 16GB class 10 SD card).
    Maybe this update make it a little faster. I will update the firmware and report.

  8. Does the update apply to brand new readers that were bought after the update was released?

    • The update was just released so you’re most likely going to have to install it. Go to settings, about, then device information to see the firmware version. The new firmware is

  9. I installed it but not a big change in device’s response time.

  10. No page flipping or touch screen after the update.

  11. Suddenly the manual is gone from the reader. On the website from Sony you can dowload a ZIP file, but it is not a readable file. Do you have to install it someway ??
    De PDF on the Sony site is not the one i am looking for.

  12. The comments by Nathan about Sony are a little unfair. When I connected the reader to the computer, ‘reader for PC’ pops up and a few seconds later I got a message asking if I wanted to update the firmware. When I did. very easy indeed.

  13. It is so if you install the PC software, and some people don’t intend to do so (because it’s a rather poor and crude software, and many prefer Calibre). Linux users don’t have any compatible version either. As all OS are not supported, Sony could have thought about other means to alert people when there is a firmware update (Asus, Google, Samsung, and many others using android propose updates Over The Air)

  14. >>A.C., on December 14th, 2011 at 10:36 am Said:

    >>No page flipping or touch screen after the update.

    Do you mean the error or do you mean that the device no longer accepts touch page turns or touch book selections?

    Has anyone run the update and had problems? I have two in the family. One is fine but the other was stuck going back and forth flashing and showing the refreshing icon screen (two arrows spinning around). I reset the device and seems okay now but if it happens again I’ll have to consider firmware update.

    I’m using Calibre and sometimes convert books to EPUB format. If you are using Calibre, please let me know what version you are running. If a book was converted there may be an issue there. I’m using Calibre 0.8.33 .


  15. I got the new firmware ( on my reader, but sometimes when I pass a page it shows me a page I have already read, once it happens, it occurs either with the buttons or using the touch screen, the only way to fix it, is to put it in standby and turn it on back again

  16. I have had my E reader since Xmas with no problems. A few days ago downloading a new book via Sony reader software for Windows it updated the firmware. Now I have a lot of trouble flipping pages and have to use the bottom button. Firmware Version is now Have contacted Sony but no response as yet!

  17. Received my reader less than a week ago. Updated firmware, loaded a few books (9). Was reading just fine until last night. It froze on the “Reader… Opening book” screen. Power button.. reset button… plugged into laptop… nothing worked to revive it. Spent a good deal of time working with a Sony rep to try and fix problem, but nothing worked. They are being nice about sending a replacement since I purchased this only 10 days ago, but it concerns me that they have defective units out there. Since I did have the most updated firmware and my device still froze, I don’t think it’s just a firmware issue. I think it’s the reader itself.

  18. My ereader has the white screen with the arrows. I downloaded the latest reader for PC software but it did not update my reader. I downloaded the fix manually but when I try to install it, it tells me to tap the data transfer mode on reader. My reader is stuck on white screen. What should I do? Thanks

  19. Unluckily, I just downloaded the new firmware and installed it on my reader as instructed in Sony website. After a while, my reader went to a “coma”, didn’t start up again!!
    I don’t know what to do..It’s freezing on the “Opening Book…” section and all the tricks to load the home page failed.
    Ok, what now?! 🙁