Free Kindle eBooks for Christmas

Below you’ll find a list of ebooks from the Kindle store that are temporarily free. There are tons of free Kindle ebooks available once again so I decided to hand-pick some of the better ones. These all have 4 stars and up.

Like always, these ebooks are free for a limited time and are likely free for US residents only. Kindle ebooks are compatible with all Kindle devices and Kindle apps for Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, PC, Mac, Windows Phone 7, and the Kindle Cloud Reader.

17 Free Kindle Books

The Wedding Gift by Kathleen McKenna – 4.5 stars, 39 reviews, Mystery & Thrillers

Twice Dead by Kalayna Price – 4.5 stars, 33 reviews, Contemporary Fiction

Blood Rock by Anthony Francis – 4.5 stars, 22 reviews, Contemporary

Eleven Twenty-Three by Jason S. Hornsby – 4 stars, 11 reviews, Science Fiction

To Love Anew (Sydney Cove Series #1) by Bonnie Leon – 4.5 stars, 10 reviews, Historical

Faith (Brides of the West #1) by Lori Copeland – 4 stars, 25 reviews, Historical

My Lady Gisborne: A Love Story (The Gisbornes, Book 2) by Charlotte Hawkins – 4.5 stars, 12 reviews, Historical Romance

Napoleon’s Pyramids by William Dietrich – 4 stars, 58 reviews, Historical

Swallow by Tonya Plank – 4 stars, 47 reviews, Mystery & Thrillers

The List by J.A. Konrath – 4 stars, 173 reviews, Mystery & Thrillers

Finding Kate Huntley by Theresa Ragan – 4.5 stars, 18 reviews, Romantic Suspense

The Year She Fell by Alicia Rasley – 4 stars, 136 reviews, Contemporary Fiction

Borrowed Time by CJ Lyons – 4 stars, 54 reviews, Romantic Suspense

LATITUDE 38 by Ron Hutchison – 5 stars, 9 reviews, Social Sciences

Flee – A Thriller (Chandler Series #1) by Jack Kilborn, Ann Voss Peterson, J.A. Konrath – 4.5 stars, 63 reviews, Mystery & Thrillers

Throne by Philip Tucker – 5 stars, 7 reviews, Genre Fiction

White As Snow : A Christmas Story (Mysterious Ways #1) by Donna Westover Gallup – 4.5 stars, 7 reviews

4 Responses to “Free Kindle eBooks for Christmas”

  1. It is a pitty most of them are fiction. Non fiction readers are the homeless of reading. 🙂

  2. Sherry Caporossi December 26, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    One of the books posted as free from Amazon is not free. The price is $8.99 so be careful. The title is: THE WEDDING GIFT….

  3. Also be warned that many of the books are free only if you are an Amazon Prime member.

    • Geez, guys. What is it about temporarily free that is so hard to understand. Yes, eventually none of these will be free anymore. You don’t have to keep repeating that point.