Watching Videos on a Nook Simple Touch – Seriously

Rooted Nook Touch

I just stumbled across something so odd that I couldn’t help but share it with you. For a long time I’ve been saying how cool a rooted Nook Touch is, and today the folks at XDA took it to a new level.

In the past I’ve shown the Nook Touch running live wallpapers and even playing some video games, but now it can even play video, and fairly smoothly to boot.

Sure the Nook Touch has kind of been able to play YouTube videos for a while, but now it can run other converted videos as well. Take a look at these YouTube videos below showing different movies running on a rooted Nook Touch using the NoRefresh enabler app.

It’s surprising how smooth the videos runs. Of course the Nook Touch doesn’t have any speakers or even a headphone jack so the audio is lost, but it’s just the point that video can even run on a device like this with an E Ink screen. Most people never thought it would even be possible.

This how they got the video to run:

1. Download a ‘video’
2. Add subtitles to the ‘video’.
3. Convert ‘video’ to GIF (Gifnija , Zamzar).
4. Run it in Opera Mobile on your NST (or in QuickPic).

The Nook Touch is approaching its 1 year birthday in June and it is still proving to be one of the most advanced E Ink ereaders on the market, and it doubles as a pretty sweet E Ink tablet too.

via XDA

3 Responses to “Watching Videos on a Nook Simple Touch – Seriously”

  1. Wow! That’s incredible! Thanks for sharing these; my Nook Touch is unrooted but this may make me change my mind!

  2. Nathan, what do you know about the Sony Tablet S? Is it review worthy for your site? 🙂

    • I’ve never had my hands on Sony’s tablets. It gets too expensive to review all the different high-end tablets. And then the big sites get all the search results for them anyway, even if the “review” is four paragraphs.