Review: IdolPad Plus $89 Android 4.0 Tablet

IdolPad Plus

Last month I reviewed the Idolian TouchTab 10 and it turned out to be a decent 10-inch tablet for $169. This month I’ve got its smaller cousin in for review, the Idolian IdolPad Plus, which sells for a wallet-pleasing $89.

Hit the link below for the full written review. It includes a video review and some pictures too. Feel free to come back to this page and leave a comment if you’ve got any questions.

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9 Responses to “Review: IdolPad Plus $89 Android 4.0 Tablet”

  1. No AC power adaptor? Only rechargeable via USB? If so, you can’t leave it plugged into an outlet while, say, using it in bed?

    • It comes with an AC charger.

      • Tnx. Given the low price of this gadget, and simplification trends in tech, maybe hardware power accessories should be listed in reviews.

        • Funny that you bring it up actually. I did mention the AC charger in the review initially but decided to edit it out because 1) all tablets come with them nowadays and 2) I thought it was a little snarky. But since you asked I updated the review to put it back in just for you :).

  2. great review, and i think you should just go ahead and list any and all accessories including chargers. Also, we’re going to need you to come in to work on Saturday, and did you get the memo on the TPS reports?

    It’s amazing how inexpensive tablets have become.

    • It really is amazing how inexpensive tablets have become. And the fact these type of budget tablets actually work well now is surprising too. This time last year pretty much anything under $175 was a piece of junk with a horrible touchscreen.

      Oh, and I’ll have those TPS reports in on Monday :).

  3. Well, I’ll have my new idolpad plus on Monday, as I think I can live with a shorter battery life. This really is too good to pass on.

    • I love this tablet (my first). It’s really well built, and the battery life seems long enough for my usage habits. Slight con- the speaker is pretty icky sounding, but I use headphones when watching video anyway.’

      Thanks for the early posting on this, Nathan, the price has jumped up to $96 on Amazon since I purchased it!

  4. I just got a Cube U30GT, which is also a pretty good deal for a dual core 10 inch 1280×800 Jellybean tablet for less than $200, if you don’t mind the small single speaker, however, I just saw that there’s now an Allwinner A13 7 inch tablet available for only $54 from shenzhen ele; the specs aren’t great, essentially the same as this 7 inch IdolPad, but it’s an amazing price.